How to Stop My Dog From Chewing Everything

Does your dog seem to have a little bit of a problem with chewing things? Namely, your beloved household possessions? Well, fear not, because you’re not alone in this struggle – and our team here at Alternative Canine Training is on hand to give you some ideas about how to stop your dog from chewing up the whole house! So, without further ado – how can you improve your puppy’s or dog’s behavior so he doesn’t chew up everything in sight? And why is this important, anyway? Let’s take a look to help find the solutions you need for your cheeky, chewy pooch! Stopping Dogs From Chewing Things – It’s Not As Easy As it Seems! So, how do you stop your dogs from chewing everything up? Well, this task is not quite as simple as you’d expect, although there is a straightforward reason for this. Chewing is part of your dog’s instinctual behavior. In the wild, chewing would have strengthened jaw muscles – an essential skill for hunting – while also preventing their teeth from overgrowing and keeping them clean. However, in captivity as a pet, this isn’t so important. Common Reasons Your Dog Might Chew Your Furniture Usually, dogs are taught what they can and cannot chew when they’re a puppy – so, if your dog is beginning to chew on things that he shouldn’t, you should first ask: was he taught right? Unfortunately, you might have a challenge on your hands; however, your local canine training group – such as us here at – can help with this. Another reason that dogs can chew on your belongings could be due to boredom. Indeed, boredom is actually one of the most common reasons dogs chew on things, and this is also one of the more easily resolved issues, thankfully. If your dog seems to be chewing through boredom, then providing him with chew toys designed to keep him amused may be a quick way to spare your furniture. A third reason why dogs might be chewing on things – but far from the last – is because they want attention. Dogs are highly social animals and need a lot of love and care, and if they don’t feel that they are getting this, they can go out of their way to get your attention – even by engaging in naughty behavior. Again, this doesn’t need to be too difficult to fix if it’s the case for your pooch; giving them the attention they crave will help resolve this.

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