Would you like to straighten your teeth, but you don't feel like wearing blocks? Then the aligners from Invisalign byte vs braces can offer a solution. Get to know this removable and almost invisible alternative to cubes!

Aligners are transparent, removable braces that fit tightly around the teeth. The shape of the aligners differs slightly from your current tooth position. The aligners thereby tighten around the teeth and then gently push the teeth to the position indicated by the aligner. You wear that aligner for 20-22 hours a day and you change aligners every 10 days. By wearing a series of aligners your teeth are then gradually straightened!

There are some clear advantages over cubes:

It is almost invisible! Metal blocks are very visible, porcelain blocks are only partially visible, but aligners are very subtle. You do not suffer from stinging threads, loose blocks or sharp edges that rub against your cheeks or lips. You can eat whatever you want as you can take the aligners off to eat! With cubes, on the other hand, you are unfortunately not allowed to eat hard or sticky food because then the cubes can come loose. Brushing is very easy as you can take off the aligners and just brush as you are used to now! A lot of food remains stick to the cubes and cleaning the cubes takes some time and effort. A treatment with aligners often ends faster than a treatment with blocks!

Starting a treatment proceeds as follows:

Advice : during this appointment, the tooth position is examined and we analyze whether you are eligible for treatment with aligners. Very complex situations can hardly be treated with aligners. We also make a rough estimate of the treatment time and costs. Data collection : during the 2nd appointment, all data is collected for the preparation of the treatment plan. This includes taking clinical pictures, a digital impression of the dental arches using an intra-oral scanner and radiological images. Discussing the treatment plan : using adapted software, we show a simulation of the end result of the treatment and we explain the course of the treatment. The duration of the treatment and the cost are explained. Start of the treatment : if you agree with the proposed treatment plan, your braces will be ordered and we will start! Good oral care during orthodontic treatment is very important, but not always easy. When oral hygiene is not good, food debris can be left behind and cause dental plaque. This dental plaque can cause problems such as: caries (cavities), superficial enamel damage (formation of white spots), gum disease or bad breath. That's why it's important to brush your teeth after every meal.