Essay writing: keep this in mind

When writing an essay, the most important thing is to develop and formulate your own opinion. It is important to be clear and clear. Linguistic style: Your language should not be too spoken or too scientific. Unlike homework, it is allowed to use rhetorical techniques to confirm your opinion.

Using and Handling Sources: It is important to use and professional literature to form your opinion on the issue or thesis discussed in the essay. However, you should avoid combining direct quotes. It is rather an indication of other positions. You must indicate all sources used in the bibliography, direct citations must be given in the running text or in footnotes.

Determine the topic and type of essay. Before you start writing an essay, you need to define a topic. The topic of an essay is usually a question or thesis that is brought up for discussion. If your school or college doesn't give you any recommendations, you also need to decide which essay you want to write. In most cases, the type of essay you choose also depends on the topic you want to cover.

A reasoned essay is suitable for almost all questions, as you present your personal opinion on the topic covered in the essay in the form of arguments for and against. You are trying to convince readers of your own opinion. In a reflective essay, as in, you informatively explain the consequences of a particular problem. It should be shown what the relevant event has on the society. Literary Critical Essays are mainly used in research or on the subject of the English language. Here you critically examine a literary work in terms of its motives and characteristics. A descriptive essay is quite rare in a scientific context. You mainly use this to get creative with the language in private.

Research and opinion formation To be able to express your own opinion in an essay, you must then sort out existing positions on the topic you are considering in your essay. For this, it is ideal to search for literature on various sites such as and specialized books or magazines. Often, you already have a point of view in advance on the topic on which you are writing your essay. However, it is possible that a review of the existing literature will change this opinion.

In your essay, you should use direct quotes sparingly, as you should be expressing your own opinion. Usually, references are made only to other texts, and the corresponding sources are given in the bibliography. However, direct quotes must be marked with a footnote or in running text, depending on how they are quoted, otherwise you will plagiarize. Useful Resources: Practice different forms of writing Improve your grammar writing skills Organize your thoughts while writing Top Tips for Developing Your Writing Skills