A perfect example of an essay

It is important to formulate the 3 parts of the essay in an appealing way: 

  • introduction
  • Bulk
  • Enough
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    Example structure for an essay

    In contrast to the structure of a term paper -, an essay has no fixed structure. The individual sections are only separated by paragraphs. You don't use a table of contents or individual chapters in an essay, but you should design an essay cover page .

    You have to consider the following for the structure of an essay:

  • Introduction : Introduce the essay topic & name the central thesis and / or question 
  • Main part : presenting thoughts in a structured way (mostly for and against arguments)
  • Conclusion : clarify your own opinion & offer solutions 
  • Essay example for introduction

    It is important to introduce the topic of the essay in the essay introduction. You present the question of your essay and can present your thesis. 

    You can share your own and / or general experiences on the subject of the essay. You can also point out in the introduction to the essay that there are different opinions on this topic.


    In an essay, rhetorical means and changes of perspective are not only allowed, but usually expressly desired. If it is an academic essay at the university - , there may be other requirements. Sometimes universities do not want the I or we form, rather the neutral form is preferred. You have to take into account the guidelines of your university when you write an essay.

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