WotLK is divided into two sport worlds with different rates. Some servers supply incentives or advantages to play upon them equivalent to customized or new items, access to low cost or free gadgets and equipment, boosted experience rates and drop rates, disabled fall damage, access to inaccessible areas, the ability to go to battle with your own faction, capacity to go previous the level 80 cap(aka: funservers), instant level 80, PVP- only (PVE Quests Disabled, on the spot eighty and a custom made beginning zone with vendors to offer free gear, respec and different issues) and even Recreation Master powers for sure customers. 1) non-public servers should be shut down to guard mental property rights, 2) maintaining a set of vanila-model servers is extra technically difficult than folks outside the company think (no specifics), and 3) the closest factor Blizzard may provide can be a “pristine realm” model of the sport with all progression and XP acceleration parts as well as group finder turned off plus no entry to cross realm zones.