The information that fan (particularly male fan) favourite Keira can be an essential quest NPC in the Imir's pass zone. She's going to be an essential quest NPC in the area. I'm not going to overstate it here; the engine does not make the sport look prefer it came out in 2012, however it actually brings it inside spitting distance of the present versus one thing that remembers what AOL CDs regarded like. Do you have any recollections from launch day, any recollections that stand out? In reality, we lost guildies after we opted for a PvP WoW server at launch for the same cause; despite the fact that WoW lowered PvP losses to a couple seconds of a corpse run, some gamers simply refuse to put themselves in those situations ever once more, immersion be damned. That's why we are going to be rolling out a new patch all about PvP quickly. It is too bad they haven't taken a page out of EQ2's Passport e book, as the pending launches of EVE's Tyrannis and Red Dead Redemption next week will mean that I log in lengthy sufficient to cackle maniacally over my krayt dragon's hoard, take the YT-2400 for a quick spin, and log off.