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Benefits of Adding a Compact Wheelchair Recliner To Your Office

As a dentist or physician, it isn't uncommon to see patients with disabilities, specifically those that are wheelchair-bound. This presents both a difficult and unique challenge to overcome. How can you provide the same level of care to those that aren't able to move or use the same seating that is standard in most offices or treatment areas? In most situations, you're able to perform treatments, but it isn't comfortable for you or the patient, and it might take longer to complete having to reposition frequently. The answer to this problem is with innovative equipment like a compact wheelchair recliner. Let's look at some of the highlights of adding a new wheelchair recliner to your office.

More Practical For Disabled Patients

Oftentimes performing treatments on a wheelchair patient either meant having to move them from their chair to your chair or having to make do with performing treatments while they remained in their own wheelchair. With a compact wheelchair recliner, this is no longer an issue. It works with both manual and automatic wheelchairs, providing a more practical and time-saving approach for dentists and physicians.

Enhance Quality of Patient Care

Wheelchair patients can often be nervous about going to the dentist or doctor simply because they don't know how getting treatment is going to work or are concerned about having to be moved. This is no longer a fear with a compact wheelchair recliner. In fact, patients are happier when seeing equipment that is specifically made for their situation. It also allows them to be more comfortable throughout the entire visit. Whether they're having a root canal done or an exam, there isn't worry of transitioning to an exam table or dentist chair.

Compact Feature Means Easier to Store

What many offices enjoy with a compact wheelchair recliner is its ability to fold up and be put away. If you have less office space, you may be looking for something that can accommodate. The compact design from Design Specific can be put away when not in use or fold it up to save space. The innovative design will recline to 50° and has a wide entrance for easy positioning.

Design Specific has been an industry leader for designing medical devices and dental equipment for disabled patients for use in-office. For over 20 years, we've been providing quality products that enhance both the patient's experience and physicians' ability to perform treatments more easily. Learn more about our products, like our compact wheelchair recliner, online today.

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