Sunglasses for ladies that suit your style With our super low prices, you can treat yourself to a pair of sunglasses that match each of your outfits. Match the work suit with a pair of discreet sunglasses with a metal frame, choose a tough and sporty pair for the beach trip and the outdoor beer with friends, and become the queen of the party with a pair of really glamorous sunglasses from one of our designer collections. When you buy sunglasses from us, you do not have to choose whether you want to be Marilyn Monroe or Katniss Everdeen – the answer is yes, thank you, both!

All possible colors and shapes As you know, women come in all sorts of colors and shapes, and of course their sunglasses can not be worse. Round sunglasses are a perfect choice for hipster girls, and are extra flattering for you who have a square or oval face shape. Pilot sunglasses, preferably with mirror lenses, give a tough and androgynous expression that can emphasize a masculine style or be a stylish contrast to a more feminine outfit. The Wayfarer style suits most face shapes and is always just as elegant. It's not without reason that Wayfarer sunglasses have become classics that never go out of style! Finally, of course, we have the unique cat eye sunglasses that make ladies with a square face and a sense of vintage paint for well-being. Black sunglasses, pink sunglasses, turtle pattern or frameless sunglasses – regardless of skin color, hair color and outfit, you will find the ideal sunglasses match with us.

Easy, fast and safe Shopping for sunglasses in our online store is easy, fast and safe. First, choose a frame you like – feel free to upload a selfie to our virtual rehearsal room to admire the effect of your new sunglasses before you buy. Then enter information about spectacle strength if you need it, and choose what kind of spectacle lenses you want. And hey, after a few days you get your new sunglasses home in the mailbox. We want all our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase, so if your sunglasses do not meet expectations, you will get new sunglasses or your money back. “Always very easy to shop at Extra Optical. Have bought many pairs of glasses here. And customer service is just top notch. Here you get the help you need,” writes Solveig from Hønefoss.

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