What are UserStyles?

Getting started with UserStyles

First, you need to install a browser supported add-on, some of the most popular options are:

You could also use Stylish, but, It's not recommended...

Finding Userstyles

https://userstyles.org/ used to be (but sadly, still is) the most popular place for finding and uploading UserStyles.

If you've clicked on the link already, you'll have noticed that it is very slow.

But why? The creator of Userstyles.org and Stylish, sold it off to a Data Analytics company named SimilarWeb. Ever since, they've bloated the site up and just left it without even bothering to fix all the bugs it has created.

Actually finding Userstyles

Here's a list of websites you can use to find UserStyles.

Installing UserStyles

Once you've found a UserStyle you want to install, find the install button, click it, and if you're using the Stylus extension, it should take you to a screen like this (It may look different depending on the Add-on): Stylus Add-On Install UserStyle Screen Here's the style shown in the image

... I don't see that page!

Either, you didn't install the proper add-on, or the file name doesn't end in .user.css, that is how add-on's know that it's a UserStyle!

I've installed the style, but it doesn't work!

Well... That's the style's developer's fault. Please don't blame the browser Add-on you've used. Only do so if you are 100% sure it is something with the Add-on and not the Style!

Freeplay's Homepage Find more information about Userstyles here