Your BungeeCord network will want a server for each of the servers you want to run, plus a further server to run BungeeCord. An additional Minecraft server to run the BungeeCord Software program. With our packages, you will get away with our 1GB Premium or Budget Minecraft bundle for the proxy server as it is relatively low load (until your community will get well-liked, then you definitely'd must upgrade which you are able to do at any time). You can solely give out the proxy server IP in any other case they will not be authenticated and might login on non premium accounts. You can start crafting redstone circuits and shearing sheep in your server earlier than you want to convey out your credit card. 12. Start all servers. 7. Start then Cease your server. This enables connections to be made solely by way of the BungeeCord server. It allows you to limit entry to doorways, chests, dispensers and extra.