Ever given a thought of getting an app that allows voice and video calls using the Internet and quick free vpn. It can be in-residence or globally used, depending on enterprise needs. You have to be having ideas! Can you jot a few?

No issues even if you may’t. But before we get our fingers dirty, Can you call any similar technology available within the market? Yes, you guessed it right; it's far referred to as Skype.

What Is Skype?

Skype, a VOIP service, is a hybrid immediately messaging and voice chat application that lets in users to connect globally the usage of the Internet. With over 663 million users, Skype is one in every of the maximum popular communications platforms inside the world. Skype brings several full-size advantages to both non-public and commercial enterprise communication, relying on how it's miles utilized.

Perhaps maximum importantly, Skype is free, which means you can take a look at it yourself without investing.

Technology Stack Involved In Developing App Like Skype

Here is the comprehensive listing of technology Matellio uses for development Android

  1. Android Java, Android studio, Rest APIs

  2. Third-birthday celebration integration: PubNub SDK, Pusher, AppLogic (for chatting)


  1. Swift, Xcode

  2. Third-birthday celebration integration: PubNub SDK, Pusher, AppLogic (for chatting)

Desktop Application

  1. Socket IO (for chatting)

  2. React & NodeJs

Basic Features Of App Like Skype

Additional Features of App Like Skype

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1. Share Your Work

Skype offers several approaches to percentage with your contacts. If you aren’t into sharing, you may block all document transfers.

  1. Share your computer screen with anybody you are speakme to.

  2. Send one file or multiple documents to an man or woman or a group.

  3. Drag and drop files.

  4. Drag and drop files to a chat session to switch them to the humans you're chatting with.

  5. Accept documents from a person.

  6. Group display screen sharing.

2. Call Recording & Live Subtitles

Record Skype calls to capture special moments, word key decisions, and use stay subtitles to study the words which are spoken.

3. Edit Sent Messages

Typos are irritating, but it’s now not a problem if you use Skype. To edit a message, right-click it and pick “Edit Message” from the drop-down menu.This will convey the sent message all the way down to the text box. Make your changes, and send it again. Your message will then replicate your edits. To dispose of the message altogether, right-click on the message and select “Remove message” from the drop-down menu.

4. Give Nicknames

You could favor to receive calls from human beings with their real names, or you could get calls from “Slavedriver Extraordinaire” or “That Idiot Who Owes Me $50.” Renaming the people you call may not be excellent practice in case you use Skype for work, but it’s nonetheless hilarious. To rename people to your contact listing, right-click on on their name, and pick out Rename. You’re limited to 120 characters, which is plenty, but points to you if you manipulate to use them all.

5. Skype To Go

With Skype To Go, you can use your cellular telephone or landline to make and receive low-fee worldwide calls in regions where there may be no net connection available.

6. Voice Mail

With voicemail, you document a personal greeting on your voice, concentrate to voicemails that people send you and ship voice messages.

7. Video Messages

Video is in vogue, so in preference to sending a boring text message to your Skype contacts, try sending them a video message instead. To do so, right-click on on the character you need to ship a message to, and pick “Video Message.” A new window will pop open, and you’ll have the ability to document something you need from your webcam.