This is Newton's law of motion (third law). This applies similarly in life. Each action will (re) action. Knowing what could be the (re) actions is what helps you in your decisions about their actions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. No one else can make you commit these actions lancejssc. So ... choose wisely my children. And when you do not choose as wisely, learn from the “re-action”, do not ignore it or run away from it, like “re-action” is as much yours as the option you have chosen. Let teaches you about the laws of nature. But! It never is too long or as stillness is still action. Which follows the same principles, he will act calmly in his life. When still, self-reflect, pray and see what God blesses in his life. The beautiful land, brain, choice, the feelings, the ability to be still at this time, the love of family and love in their hearts. In the stillness, embrace the breath as it is the relationship between the user and the earth. Inhale oxygen from the earth, we breathe out carbon dioxide that provides what you need land for its trees, plants and wildlife. That's a beautiful connection we should not overlook and can bring calm in many storms.