The precarious situation of Covid-19 around the world, has caused the health system in many countries to completely collapse, the world economy to worsen dramatically, is that the reality that the world was not prepared for an event like this. But with this, many people after locking themselves in their homes for the preventive quarantine, discovered new hobbies, hobbies and hobbies. One really useful one that helped calm the anxiety of going through the confinement for many is Yoga.

So from the hand of BRIX Template, comes a new template to help yoga instructors to continue bringing this peaceful and relaxing activity to people: the yoga webflow template. A template designed to give yoga instructors and anyone interested in practicing this activity a good experience from the comfort of their home, with which they can instruct their students without problem from home.

This template is modern, attractive but also has an optimized design as much as possible, so that losing visitors due to the slowness of the site will not be a concern again. In addition to that, it is proven that its fluency is the same no matter what device it is tested on, be it a mid-range phone or a $ 3,000 computer.