Different Types of Holiday Light

The holidays will be here before you know it. That means it's getting time to consider decorations and what would be a good fit for your home or business. Exterior lighting can give your property the festive look you've been looking for. However, there are tons of different options available on the market and even more ways to design. With so much information and options, it can often be confusing for property owners. Let's review the different types of holiday lights and options for installation.

Incandescent Versus LED

LEDs have become increasingly popular for virtually all lighting options. However, before LEDs exploded on the market, incandescent was the way to go. Each of these offers different benefits. Incandescent lights often cost less to operate than LEDs. They also produce a warm glow that is perfect for celebrating the holidays. LED lights will use less energy overall and are rated to last longer. You can expect LEDs to get up to 100,000 hours. LEDs also have options for both warm and cool glow.

Icicle, LED Rope Lights, Net Lights, Single Strand

There are tons of options out there when it comes to Holiday lighting. What we mean by this is the type of lighting strand you can choose. Everyone is generally familiar with icicle lighting. It was popular for a very long time and created the resemblance of icicles outlining roof lines. You can simply string lights from your roofline to mimic the look of real icicles.

Rope lights offer an exciting way to outline doorways and windows. They also provide a better way to outline intricate shapes and designs, such as wording. Animated and color-changing lights have become increasingly popular as they are eye-catching. You can set them to a timer and really wow your neighbors.

If you are nowhere near a power source, it may be best to choose battery-operated lights. These plug into a power source that requires batteries and will need to be changed periodically throughout the season. For a truly retro look—we’re talking a throwback to the 1960s and 70s, you can't beat large bulb lights. These are known as C5, C7, G40, and G50. They have a visual impact that is unlike any other bulb.

Choosing Professional Light Installations

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