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Doing business in Africa is associated with diverse challenges and risks and must accordingly be founded on a strong legal base.LEX Africa is an alliance of leading law firms in over 20 African countries which was founded in 1993 and was the first legal alliance focussing solely on Africa. Only African law firms join the Alliance subject to strict performance and selection criteria to ensure world class standards of legal practice. Each member is an independent law firm whose key specialist focus is on general, corporate and commercial law as well as litigation and dispute resolution. LEX Africa effectively covers the entire African continent and provides a valuable resource for businessmen and investors in Africa. LEX Africa has a more than 20 year track record of assisting and advising clients on their African business activities. Each member is a full service business law firm with expert knowledge and experience in both local law and the local business, political, cultural and economic environment. LEX Africa accordingly provides a “one stop shop” and Pan African legal team for cross border and domestic African legal solutions to clients wherever they wish to do business in Africa. Member firms share similar values and commit to the highest professional, ethical and service delivery standards. A lawyer exchange program and specialist LEX Africa practice and industry sector groups have been established. COUNTRY INFORMATION Algeria is the tenth-largest country in the world covering an area of 2.381.741 square kilometers, 90% of which is desert. It is Africa’s largest country with a population of about 40 million, 28.1% of which is under the age of 15. The capital city is Algiers. The main cities are Oran, Constantine, Annaba and Setif. The official currency is the Algerian dinar (DZD). POLITICAL SYSTEM Algeria is a constitutional Republic. The President is head of State and the Prime Minister is the head of government. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the two chambers of Parliament, the People’s National Assembly and the Council of the Nation. ECONOMIC INDICATORS • GDP: USD 214.1billion (2014) • GDP growth: 4.1% (2014) • Inflation rate: 2.9% (2014) INVESTMENT CLIMATE Although foreign investors can sometimes face difficulties, Algeria constitutes a potentially very lucrative market. The hydrocarbons industry is dominant, accounting for 98% of exports, 40-45% of GDP and 70% of budget revenues. However, there are opportunities in numerous other sectors including agriculture, infrastructure, housing, alternative energy, pharmaceuticals and recycling. Algeria intends to invest USD 262 billion in public spending on various projects during the period 2015-2019. Large projects already underway include infrastructure projects such as highways and ports, refineries, cement plants, steel factories, hospitals, shopping malls and hotels. Algeria is taking steps to diversify its economy to become less dependent on hydrocarbons and imported products and by promoting foreign investments with a number of subsidies. In its effort to attract foreign investors, Algeria has set up a decentralized “one-stop shop” which aims to facilitate and simplify the legal procedures for incorporation of companies and implementation of investment projects. Algeria offers relatively cheap labour and electricity and water. However, regulatory hurdles (including the requirement of at least 51 percent Algerian ownership of foreign investments), tight foreign exchange controls, insufficient judicial protections, customs delays, and a large informal sector are among ongoing commercial challenges for Algeria. FORMS OF BUSINESS Businesses can take the form of: • A joint-stock company (société par actions) where shareholders bear liability only in proportion of their contribution; • A limited liability company (société à responsabilité limitée) where partners’ liability is limited to their contribution; • A limited partnership (société en commandite simple) which is composed of partners whose liability is unlimited and limited partners whose liability is limited to their contribution; • Limited partnerships with shares (société en commandite par actions) where general partners’ liability is unlimited and limited partners liability is limited to their contribution FORMATION OF A COMPANY Foreign investments are required to be made through a partnership in which one or more local shareholders resident in Algeria must hold at least 51% of the shares (the “51/49 rule”). Algerian companies must be incorporated before a notary public and the articles of association have to be drafted in Arabic. Setting up a company in Algeria remains a relatively lengthy and burdensome process. The main documents required by notaries to incorporate a company are a notarized commercial lease at the address of the head office, a bank certificate proving that the foreign investor has paid its cash contribution, a certificate of registration, a copy of the articles of association, as well as copies of identity documents and birth certificates of the company’s legal representatives. Certain of these documents must be legalized and, as the case may be, translated by a sworn translator. ALGERIA BOURABIAT ASSOCIÉS EXCHANGE CONTROLS Algeria has a stringent exchange control regime which is administered by the Algerian Central Bank. It is important for foreign investors to seek local legal advice at the start of a project to avoid common pitfalls, especially in relation to certain essential requirements which are unwritten but well-known by most practitioners. Foreign companies with a legal presence in Algeria have the right, under certain conditions, to remit abroad dividends of earnings and real net proceeds from the sale or the liquidation of their investments. In order to be able to remit dividends, earnings and real net proceeds from a company incorporated in Algeria, two essential conditions must be met. The foreign investor must demonstrate that (i) it has made a capital contribution in a recognized foreign currency; and (ii) that a notification of the contribution was sent to the Algerian Central Bank. The documents to be provided in order to comply with the second condition are set out in an instruction from the Algerian Central Bank. The Algerian Central Bank will not allow transfer of dividends, earnings or real net proceeds unless the company is able to prove that it has made significant investment efforts. Moreover, foreign operators selling goods or services in Algeria must apply for permission to be remunerated in a foreign currency. Algerian law allows payments and transfers relating to international current transactions to be conducted freely. However, they have to be carried out through accredited banks. A comprehensive list of operations deemed to be current transactions (transactions courantes) is provided by the Central Bank. Foreign trade transactions in relation to the import of goods into Algeria are all deemed current transactions. This is the case also of certain operations in relation to transportation, financial services, insurance services, technical assistance and some operations relating to manufacturing activities. Any operation which is not listed by the Central Bank requires its prior authorization. In practice, the rules regarding the import of services are more stringent that those relating to the import of goods. Commercial banks adopt a cautious approach towards imports of services and sometimes request the opinion of the Central Bank in order to obtain the confirmation that the relevant services fall within the definition of a “current transaction”. TAXATION Companies incorporated in Algeria or conducting business in Algeria are subject to the following taxes: • Corporate income tax: the profits or revenues generated in Algeria are subject to an annual corporate income tax. The rate is set at 19% for companies producing goods, 26% for companies active in the construction, hydraulic, tourism and thermal sectors and 26% for other activities. • Tax on professional activities or “TAP”: the TAP is calculated on the basis of the gross turnover of the company. The rate is set at 1% for companies producing goods and 2% for the other activities. The amount of tax is declared monthly and the TAP is paid upon presentation of the declaration in each of the cities where the taxpayer possesses facilities or units. • Tax on dividends: dividends transferred to non-resident natural or legal persons are subject to a tax of 15%. • Value-added taxes or “VAT”: the general VAT rate in Algeria is set at 17% Hydrocarbons are subject to a specific tax regime. Algeria has entered into a double-taxation treaty with many OECD countries. REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT Any Investment project amounting to more than 2 billion dinars (circa USD20 million) as well as projects of national interest giving rise to an investment agreement must be approved by the Investment National Council (CNI). The Investment National Council is composed of various Ministers and is chaired by the Prime Minister. The Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Director of ANDI attend the meetings as observers. The Investment National Council reviews investment projects according to their location and importance for the national economy and on this basis is empowered to grant certain benefits. LEX AFRICA – WWW.LEXAFRICA.COM 7 8 The stock exchange in Algeria is regulated by the Commission d’Organisation et de Surveillance Des Opérations de Bourse (COSOB). Only four companies are currently listed: an insurance company, a fruit juice manufacturer, a hotel and a pharmaceuticals firm. The market capitalisation of Algeria’s stock exchange remains extremely low, and trading is negligible compared with more developed stock exchanges in the region. The National Competition Council (Conseil National de la Concurrence) is an independent administrative authority empowered with the enforcement of the competition policy in Algeria. The National Competition Council deals with merger control, restrictive business practices and abuse of dominant positions. The National Competition Council can deliver certificates to companies wishing to obtain a written and final comfort on potential abuse of dominant position or business practices potentially restrictive of competition. The National Competition Council may also issue merger clearance to companies that have given prior notice thereof. The National Competition Council has so far dealt with very few cases relating to business practices hindering competition. In 2006 Algeria adopted strict anti-corruption legislation in line with the United Nation Convention on Corruption. The legislation is aimed at corruption in both the public and private sectors. Both the corrupted party and the corruptor are subject to criminal sanction under the Algerian legislation. The National Agency for the prevention and fight against corruption (Organe national de prévention et de lutte contre la corruption) is in charge of implementing anti-corruption law in Algeria. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Copyright and related rights, trademarks and patents are protected by Algerian law. The National Institute on Industrial Property is the body in charge of trademarks and patents whereas the Office for Copyrights and Related Rights deals with copyrights and related rights Algeria is commitmed to IPR protections and regularly organizes the destruction of counterfeit or pirated fashion, music, and film that had been seized by Algerian customs and border police. However, Algeria’s vast informal economy remains a major source of counterfeit goods, especially in sportswear and consumer goods. Algeria is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). TRADE AND TARIFFS The European Union and China are Algeria’s largest trading partners. Algeria mainly exports crude petroleum, gas, refined petroleum, coal tar oil and ammonia. Its chief imports comprise cars, refined petroleum, delivery trucks, raw iron bars and wheat. Algeria applies import duties. Although the accession process is ongoing, Algeria is not yet a member of the World Trade Organisation. Algeria has however, signed numerous bilateral investment treaties with many countries. In 2004 Algeria ratified the Convention on the Arab Zone of Free Trade. Algeria has also ratified an association agreement with the European Union in 2005 setting out a framework for the EU-Algeria relationship in all areas, including trade. INVESTMENT INCENTIVES Investment projects carried out in Algeria may benefit from tax exemptions or tax cuts. The incentives vary according to the location and the impact of the projects on the economic and social development. Investments in strategic sectors are also incentivized through additional subsidies. There are two investment incentive regimes: Under the general regime, ANDI automatically grant incentives to any investment carried out in Algeria. The incentives are granted during the implementation of the investment phase of the project and consist of: • Exemptions from customs duties on non-excluded imported equipment, directly related to the investment project; • Exemption from VAT on non-excluded goods and services, whether imported or purchased locally and which are directly involved in the investment realization; • Exemption from property transfer tax in return for all property acquisitions, realized within the framework of the investment concerned and • With regard to concessions, exemption from registration and publication fees as well as from the fees normally due for the occupation of property Incentives are also granted during the operational phase of the project. These include exemptions from companies’ (i) tax on profits and (ii) tax on turnover, which may be granted for a period of three years. The period may be extended to five years for investments projects creating more than 100 employment positions or in sectors which are deemed strategic for Algeria. There is also a special regime governing incentives. In order to be eligible for the special regime, investment projects must either be implemented in zones to be developed or in sectors of particular interest for the national economy, particularly where the investment projects use an environmental-friendly technology to protect the environment and the natural resources, to save energy and thus contribute to a sustainable development. The incentives are similar to those granted within the framework of the general regime. However, additional advantages are available such as the partial or total payment of expenses relating to infrastructure works which are necessary for the completion of a project and the application of a fixed reduced registration fee of 0,002% for all incorporation deed and share capital increases. Further, the advantages are granted for a longer period, i.e. 10 years starting from the commencement of activity. Furthermore, industrial companies setting up an R&D department also benefit from a full tax and customs exemption for the acquisition of equipment related to the R&D. In order to be eligible to benefit from incentives, the investors must provide the Algerian State with a written commitment, pursuant to which they will give preference to Algerian products and services in the framework of the performance and completion of the project. In addition, any investor benefiting from advantages is required to reinvest a part of its profits, in an amount equivalent to the tax incentives granted (either tax exonerations or tax reductions), within four years starting from the year during which the investor’s profits were subject the preferential regime. Non compliance with such requirement triggers (i) the obligation for the investor to reimburse the equivalent to the tax incentives granted to it, (ii) the application of a penalty of 30% and the removal of all incentives. However, investors may be exempted from such obligation to reinvest part of the profits by the National Investment Council. LEGAL SYSTEM The legal and judicial system is essentially based on French law, although Islamic principles have influenced some areas of civil law. Within each Wilaya, there is a court of first instance in charge of civil cases. An appeal can be lodged before a court of appeal. Criminal cases are handled by a special court. At the head of the system is the Supreme Court. In addition to general courts, there is a separate system of administrative courts specialized in disputes concerning the exercise of public power. Accordingly, there is a local administrative court of first instance and a Supreme Administrative Court (Conseil d’Etat) which is separate from the Supreme Court. The Constitution guarantees independence of the judiciary. Algeria has ratified the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. MEMBERSHIP OF INTERNATIONAL AND REGIONAL ORGANISATIONS Algeria is a member of the United Nations, the African Union, the Arab League, the Arab Maghreb Union, the Arab Zone of Free Trade, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries. For more details visit our website:

Bäddsoffa med divan

Att välja en bäddsoffa handlar inte bara om stil och komfort. Det finns flera typer av bäddsoffor och olika bäddsoffmekanismer också. Du måste överväga hur det kommer att passa in i det avsedda utrymmet och hur väl det kommer att komplettera din inredning. Denna köpguide för bäddsoffa hjälper dig att lösa dessa dilemman. Läs vidare för att hitta den perfekta bäddsoffan för ditt hem.

Bäddsoffa mekanismer Bäddsoffor erbjuder en mängd olika rammekanismer. Vissa kan verka lite komplicerade, så vi har brutit ner det. Här utforskar vi hur de olika mekanismerna reagerar när soffan förvandlas till en säng. Eftersom vissa lutar sig bakåt och/eller drar sig framåt, måste du välja rätt mekanism för att säkerställa att din bäddsoffa passar det avsedda utrymmet i ditt hem – det vill säga inte alla bäddsoffor är lämpliga att använda mot en vägg.

En ram A-rammekanismen är ett av de enklaste sätten att förvandla en soffa till en säng. Den fungerar genom att den dras ut framtill, med soffryggen utfälld för att skapa sängen och madrassytan.

Klick-clac Med clic-clac-ramar kan du helt enkelt släppa ryggen hela vägen ner för att bädda en säng eller skapa en vilstol genom att bara släppa den lite bakåt – den avger till och med ett “clic clac”-ljud när du flyttar den. Om du placerar den här typen av bäddsoffa mot en vägg måste du flytta på bäddsoffan för att få plats när du förvandlar den till en säng. Och kom ihåg, clic-clac bäddsoffor kommer ofta med extra förvaringsfunktioner – win-win.

Dra ut och lyft upp Med denna mekanism dras sängen ut från framsidan av soffan, med sängen lyft från basen. Det är annorlunda mot en A-ram, eftersom baksidan av soffan förblir på plats. Detta gör dem idealiska att placera mot en vägg eller i en alkov.

3-vika och kavla ut Med denna soffmekanism fälls madrassen ut underifrån kuddarna i en åtgärd för att ge en snabb sovplats med stor komfort. Dina gäster får njuta av bekvämligheten av en madrass, vilket gör den till ett av våra premium bäddsoffa alternativ.

Det praktiska med att köpa en bäddsoffa När du köper en bäddsoffa finns det några saker du bör tänka på. Vi rekommenderar att du överväger vilken typ av mekanism du föredrar genom att prova dem i en av våra butiker. Ditt val bör också baseras på både storleken på rummet och vad som passar dig. En bäddsoffa ska vara bra för att underhålla och varva ner, men också erbjuda ett snabbt och bekvämt sovutrymme för gästerna. Kanske erbjuda en smart förvaringslösning också?

Hur man mäter för en bäddsoffa För att säkerställa att din bäddsoffa passar, föreslår vi att du mäter längden, bredden och höjden på var soffan ska placeras i ditt rum. Se till att du överväger eventuella fönsterhöjder och måtten på dörrar eller strukturer du måste få igenom bäddsoffan. Du bör också överväga extra utrymme för andra möbler såsom sidobord. När allt kommer omkring vill du att dina gäster ska kunna gå runt fritt utan att stora möbler kommer i vägen. Läs mer i vår guide till att mäta för nya möbler.

Är bäddsoffor mindre bekväma att sitta på? Den genomsnittliga storleken på brittiska hem krymper, vilket innebär att det är vanligare att gäster bor i vardagsrum än extra sovrum. Naturligtvis betyder detta att du vill hitta en bäddsoffa som är bekväm för både sömn och vardagsbruk. Vi säkerställer att optimal komfort alltid beaktas när vi utvecklar våra bäddsoffor genom att blanda madrassteknologi med industristandardtekniker för soffkomfort. Dessutom kan du också få förvaring inkluderad. Alla har olika krav, så det är därför vi har ett brett utbud för dig för att se till att du hittar den mest passande bäddsoffan.

Hur man väljer en bäddsoffa för en bekväm sömn Skumfyllda kuddar ger en fastare nivå av stöd som ibland kan vara fördelaktigt för dem som lider av ryggvärk. Vissa av våra bäddsoffor kommer med ett urval av madrasser som skum eller fickfjädrar – dessa erbjuder tryckavlastande egenskaper för en god natts sömn. Om du letar efter stilråd, kolla in vår guide till 5 av de bästa bäddsofforna.

Bäddsoffa skötsel och underhåll Med tiden kan bäddsoffor och stolar visa tecken på slitage. För att dina älskade föremål ska kännas och se nya ut rekommenderar vi bra skydd och underhåll. Att ta hand om din bäddsoffa hjälper till att förlänga dess livslängd och hålla den bekväm längre. Vi har några förslag som gör att du kan utnyttja din bäddsoffa fullt ut, samtidigt som du behåller ett gott skick.

Hur du tar hand om din bäddsoffa Här kommer vi att ge några allmänna tips, men för fullständiga råd, kolla in vårt inlägg om hur du tar hand om din bäddsoffa.

Armskydd kan vara en idealisk lösning för att hålla din soffa längre. På samma sätt kan du ta tag i några strökuddar och skapa en tröstande och elegant känsla med lätthet, samtidigt som du erbjuder det extra lagret av skydd.

Kom ihåg att regelbundet fylla ryggkuddarna eftersom det hjälper dem att hålla formen. Om du råkar fläcka din bäddsoffa, oroa dig inte. Börja med att torka upp eventuell överflödig vätska med en torr och ren trasa, rengör sedan försiktigt området med en varm fuktig trasa. Kontrollera dock alltid etiketten på din bäddsoffa innan du använder några rengöringsmedel eftersom vissa kan skada materialet. Med tiden kan tygets färger blekna om de placeras i direkt solljus. Försök att placera om din bäddsoffa med några månaders mellanrum för att undvika detta.

Hur man flyttar en bäddsoffa Att lyfta eller flytta en bäddsoffa kan vara farligt om det inte görs på rätt sätt. Var noga med att följa säkerhetsinstruktionerna för lyft. NHS ger goda råd om att lyfta tunga föremål. Om du flyttar bort bäddsoffan från en vägg är det bästa du kan använda att använda golvskydd under benen och skjuta in den. Om din bäddsoffa står på ett golv som kan gå sönder eller klumpas, till exempel matta eller vinyl, måste du lyfta den något. Om du ska flytta en bäddsoffa från ett rum till ett annat rekommenderar vi att du använder en docka.

för mer information besök vår hemsida:


If you have done any research on how batteries work or what you should look for when selecting the best high performance battery, you're probably buried in information, some of which is conflicting. At BatteryStuff, we aim to clear that up a bit.

You've most likely heard the term KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). I'm going to attempt to explain how lead acid batteries work and what they need, without burying you with a bunch of needless technical data. I have found that battery data will vary somewhat from manufacturer to manufacturer, so I will do my best to boil that data down. This means I may generalize a bit, while staying true to purpose.

The lead acid battery has been used commercially for over 100 years. The same chemical principle that's being used to store energy is basically the same as our great grandparents used.

A battery is like a piggy bank. If you keep taking out and putting nothing back, you'll have nothing left. Present day vehicle or powersport vehicle battery power requirements are huge considering all the stock electrical devices that must be supplied with power. All these electronics require a reliable source power, and poor battery condition can cause expensive electronic component failure. Did you know that the average auto has 11 pounds of wire in the electrical system? Look at RVs and boats with all the electrical gadgets that require power. It wasn't long ago when trailers or motor homes had only a single 12-volt house battery. Today recreation vehicles use their rv batteries to power inverters up to 4000 watts.

Average battery life has become shorter as energy requirements have increased. Life span depends on usage and depth of discharge—usually 6 to 48 months—yet only 30% of all batteries actually reach the 48-month mark. If your unable to maintain the battery with an battery charger you can extend your battery life by hooking it up to a solar charger during the off months.

If you can grasp the basics, you'll have fewer battery problems and will gain greater battery performance, reliability and longevity. I suggest you read the entire tutorial; however, I've indexed all the information for easy reference.

A Few Basics The lead acid battery is made up of plates, lead, and lead oxide (various other elements are used to change density, hardness, porosity, etc.), with a 35% sulfuric acid and 65% water solution. This solution is called electrolyte, which causes a chemical reaction that produces electrons. When you test a battery with a hydrometer, you are measuring the amount of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte. If your reading is low, that means the chemistry that makes electrons is lacking. So where did the sulfur go? It's resting on the battery plates so that when you recharge the battery, the sulfur returns to the electrolyte.

Safety Battery types, Deep Cycle and Starting Wet Cell, Gel-Cell and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) CCA, CA, AH and RC; what's that all about? Battery Maintenance Battery Testing Selecting and Buying a New Battery Battery Life and Performance Battery Charging Battery Do's Battery Don'ts

  1. You must think safety when you're working around, and with, batteries. Remove all jewelry. (After all, you wouldn't want to melt your watchband while you're wearing it!) The hydrogen gas that batteries make when charging is very explosive. We have seen several instances of batteries blowing up and drenching everything in sulfuric acid. That was no fun, and would have been a good time to use those safety goggles hanging on the wall. Heck, you could even break out your disco outfit. Polyester isn't affected by sulfuric acid, but anything with cotton will be eaten up. If you don't feel the need to make a fashion statement, just wear junk clothes—after all, polyester is still out of style.

When doing electrical work on vehicles, it's best to disconnect the ground cable. Just remember that you're messing with corrosive acid, explosive gases and hundreds of amps of electrical current.

  1. Basically, there are two types of lead acid batteries (along with three sub categories). The two main types are starting (cranking), and deep cycle (marine/golf cart). The starting battery (SLI starting lights ignition) is designed to deliver quick bursts of energy (such as starting engines) and therefore has a greater plate count. The plates are thinner and have somewhat different material composition.

What is a deep cycle battery? The deep cycle battery has less instant energy, but greater long-term energy delivery. Deep cycle batteries have thicker plates and can survive a lot of discharge cycles. Starting batteries should not be used for deep cycle applications because the thinner plates are more prone to warping and pitting when discharged. The so-called Dual Purpose Battery is a compromise between the two types of batteries, though it is better to be more specific if possible.

  1. Wet cell (flooded), gel cell, and absorbed glass mat (AGM) are various versions of the lead acid battery. The wet cell comes in two styles; serviceable and maintenance free. Both are filled with electrolyte and are basically the same. I prefer one that I can add water to and check the specific gravity of the electrolyte with a hydrometer.

The gel cell and the AGM batteries are specialty batteries that typically cost twice as much as a premium wet cell battery. However, they store very well and do not tend to sulfate or degrade as easily as wet cell. Although not impossible there is little chance of a hydrogen gas explosion or corrosion when using these batteries; they are the safest lead acid batteries you can use. Gel cell and some AGM batteries may require a special charging rate. If you want the best and most versatile battery, then consideration should be given to the AGM battery type. AGM batteries are great for applications such as Marine, RV, Solar, Audio, Power Sports and Stand-By Power just to name a few.

If you don't use or operate your equipment daily, AGM batteries will hold their charge better than other types. If you must depend on top-notch battery performance, spend the extra money. Gel Cell batteries still are being sold, but AGM batteries are replacing them in most applications.

There is common confusion regarding AGM batteries because different manufactures call them by different names. Some of the more common names are “sealed regulated valve,” “dry cell,” “non-spillable,” and “valve-regulated lead acid” batteries. In most cases, AGM batteries will give greater life span and greater cycle life than a wet cell battery.

SPECIAL NOTE: It's common for individuals to use the term “gel cell” as a generic term when referring to sealed, maintenance-free batteries, much like one would use Kleenex when referring to facial tissue. As a result, we get lots of requests for a gel replacement battery or gel battery charger when in fact the battery is an AGM. For this reason, we always recommend verifying the battery type when purchasing a replacement or looking for a charger to maintain the battery.

AGM BatteryAGM: The Absorbed Glass Mat construction allows the liquid electrolyte to be suspended in a fiberglass matting. This matting surrounds the plate’s active material and in theory this enhances both the discharge and recharge efficiency. AGMs are commonly manufactured for applications that include high-performance engine starting, power sports equipment, deep cycle, solar and storage battery. The larger Deep Cycle AGM Batteries we sell typically offer great cycle life if recharged before they drop below the 50% discharge rate. When deep cycle AGM batteries are discharged to a rate of no less than 60%, the cycle life will generally increase by 300 plus cycles.

The Scorpion motorcycle batteries we carry are a meet or exceed the specification for the OEM battery. We also carry the Motocross branded batteries for those that have brand loyalty to the OEM battery as they are Yuasa’s aftermarket battery.

GEL: The gel cell battery is like the AGM battery in the fact that it is considered non-spillable, but the electrolyte is not a wet liquid. The electrolyte in a gel cell has a silica additive that causes it to set up or stiffen. In most cases the recharge voltage on gel battery is typically lower than a standard flooded wet cell battery or AGM battery, apart from those made by MK Battery where their 12-volt batteries can accept up to 14.6 volts. Most gel batteries can only be charged as high as 14.2 volts per 12-volt battery and are probably the most sensitive battery in terms of adverse reactions to over-voltage charging. Gel Batteries are best used in VERY DEEP cycle application and may last a bit longer in hot weather applications or application where the battery gets excessively discharged. If the incorrect battery charger is used on a gel cell battery, poor performance and premature failure is certain.

  1. CCA, CA, AH and RC. These are the standards that most battery companies use to rate the output and capacity of a battery.

CCA: Cold cranking amps is a measurement of the number of amps a battery can deliver at 0°F for 30 seconds and not drop below 7.2 volts. So a high CCA battery rating is especially important in starting battery applications, and in cold weather. This measurement is not particularly important in deep cycle batteries, though it is the most commonly “known” battery measurement.

CA: Cranking Amps are measured at 32°F. This rating is also called marine cranking amps (MCA). Hot cranking amps (HCA) is seldom used any longer but is measured at 80°F.

RC: Reserve Capacity is a very important battery rating. This is the number of minutes a fully charged battery at 80°F will discharge under a 25 amp load until the battery drops below 10.5 volts.

AH: An Amp/Hour is a rating usually found on deep cycle batteries and is a capacity rating. The standard rating is a based on how many amps you can pull out of the battery over a 20-hour period. For a 100 AH rated battery this means you can draw from the battery for 20 hours, and it will provide a total of 100-amp hours. That translates to about 5 amps an hour (5 x 20 = 100). However, it's very important to know that the total time of discharge and load applied is not a linear relationship. As your load increases, your realized capacity decreases. This means if you discharged that same 100 AH battery by a 100-amp load, it would not give you one hour of runtime. On the contrary, the perceived capacity of the battery will be that of 64-amp hours.

  1. Battery Maintenance: A properly maintained battery is important for the ultimate in service life. Consider these points on a regular basis:

The battery should be cleaned using a baking soda and water solution; a couple of tablespoons to a pint of water. Cable connections need to be cleaned and tightened as battery problems are often caused by dirty and loose connections. A serviceable battery needs to have the fluid level checked. Use only mineral-free water; distilled is best as all impurities have been removed and there is nothing left that could contaminate your cells. Don't overfill battery cells, especially in warmer weather because the natural fluid expansion in hot weather can push excess electrolytes from the battery. To prevent corrosion of cables on top-post batteries, use a small bead of silicone sealer at the base of the post and place a felt battery washer over it. Coat the washer with high temperature grease or petroleum jelly (Vaseline), then place cable on the post and tighten. Coat the exposed cable end with the grease. The gases from the battery condensing on metal parts causes most corrosion. 6. Battery Testing: This can be done in more than one way. The most accurate method is measurement of specific gravity and battery voltage. To measure specific gravity, buy a temperature-compensating hydrometer. To measure voltage, use a digital D.C. Voltmeter. A quality load tester may be a good purchase if you need to test sealed batteries.

For any of these methods, you must first fully charge the battery and then remove the surface charge. We recommend letting the battery sit for several hours to remove the surface charge (I prefer at least 12 hours). Letting the battery sit gives you the most accurate result on how the battery will normally act. However, if you need to remove the surface charge faster it is possible to discharge the battery for several minutes. For deep cycle batteries you could simply power the device that uses the battery for several minutes. For starting batteries simply powering the headlight using the high beam can work as well. Once the surface charge has been removed you can begin testing. For more details visit our website:

Luxury lashes and cosmetics

When it comes to makeup, applying false eyelashes ranks pretty high in terms of difficulty (or at the least, intimidation), right up there with winged liner and impeccable contouring. That's why we’re here to demystify all of your questions surrounding the various (and plentiful) types of faux lashes on the market — which, by the way, has flooded everywhere, including drugstore aisles, Instagram, and the most luxurious beauty boutiques.

Once primarily associated with theatrical performers, glamazons, and the red carpet set, thanks to Instagram-fueled trends and a reclaimed power in the individuality of makeup (I’ll rock a false lash on a Tuesday afternoon trip to the grocery store, thanks very much), the false lash has become totally democratized. In fact, the rapid ascent of false lash-effect mascaras like Glossier’s Lash Slick, Maybelline New York’s The Falsies, and (my all-time favorite) D.J.V. Miaray Fiberwig, are proof that the look of endless, fluttery lashes aren't going out of style any time soon.

We've enlisted the pros to break down everything you need to know about finding the perfect false lash for your eye shape and desired effect. So grab your falsies and your lash glue (remember: give it a few seconds to dry until tacky before sticking them on your eyelids) and get ready to become a lash master.

Every Kind of False Eyelashes — individual false lashes Brittany Theophilus 1/7 Individuals Individual lashes are a great option if you want to give a subtle, all-over boost to the fullness and length of your natural lashes, or simply want to add definition in certain areas of the lash line. Individuals are usually available in sets of 30-60 strands of varying lengths, which makes them one of the best options for a customizable look. “With individuals, you have more control and you can become your own lash artist,” makeup artist and Tweezerman brow & lash ambassador Gita Bass tells Allure.

Who it's for: Anyone who’s looking for a natural-looking way to add length and volume in specific areas or looking to fill in any gaps in the natural lash. “They are the most versatile [false lash type] and can create any gorgeous look from a natural, ‘day’ lash to a maximum intensity look,” says Bass. “When applied correctly, individuals can disappear into your own lashes and really keep people guessing.”

How to use it: Carefully apply each individual lash with a pair of tweezers or preferably, specifically designed lash applicators. (More on that later.) And while it may take some getting used to, the key to nailing it: “Practice, practice, practice,” says makeup artist Fiona Stiles. “Also, get yourself a good magnifying mirror.” They can be applied evenly in between your lashes to boost fullness all around, targeted in sparse areas if you're trying to fill those in, or added to the outer ends of your lashes for a wide-eyed effect — customization is key with these.

Try these:

Make Up For Ever Lash Show False Lashes N-601(Shop Now) M.A.C. Cosmetics 30 Lash (Shop Now) Sonia Kashuk Single False Eyelashes (Shop Now) Every Kind of False Eyelashes — clusters Brittany Theophilus 2/7 Clusters Also known as “flares” or “accents,” clusters work well if you're short on time or need a little more practice applying full strip lashes, according to Bass. “The little band on a cluster makes them easier to pop on the lash line, and they don’t lift on the corners like strips can.” Another great thing about clusters is that they can be strategically applied to create a variety of looks. “I’ll often add a few clusters on the corners to create a cat-eyed effect,” says Bass.

Who it's for: If you’re looking for similar results from a strip, but with the customizability of smaller, more workable pieces, then clusters are definitely for you. Apply them in a row for a full strip-like finish, or pop them just onto the outer corner of your eyes to create a wider, cat-eye effect.

How to use it: Similarly to lash strips, clusters are applied by dispensing a thin amount of lash adhesive and placing each one onto the upper lash line and layering as desired. “Once your lash is on, wiggle mascara at your root to ‘marry’ the false lash and your natural lashes together to give a seamless look,” recommends makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan.

Try these:

Urban Decay HBIC Babies False Eyelashes (Shop Now) Huda Easy Lash Collection: Harmony (Shop Now) M.A.C. Cosmetics 20 Lash (Shop Now) Every Kind of False Eyelashes — False Lash Strips Brittany Theophilus 3/7 Strips When people talk about false lashes, odds are they’re most likely referring to strips, which — as their name suggests — are a horizontal band of faux wisps that are worn across the entirety of your upper lash line.“Strip lashes work well as long as you find a style that suits your eye shape,” Bass recommends. “Rounder eyes look great with a winged or demi lash on the outer corners, while deep-set eyes need a slightly longer lash to be visible. Hooded eyes benefit from a lash that is longer in the middle.”

Who it's for: Full lash strips are a one-step way to instantly add drama and volume to your eyes and are widely available in a variety of price points. Some feature a black band for added definition, while others may feature an “invisible” band for a more subtle effect. “I prefer to use them for a more dramatic look, or if a client has very sparse lashes and needs the help of the lash base,” says Bass.

In terms of materials, synthetic fibers are commonly used in both drugstore and prestige offerings, but the upper echelon of luxury lashes may sometimes be made with natural fibers like mink or silk.

How to use it: Full strips are typically applied with lash adhesive and tweezers or lash applicators (and a very steady hand). If the strip doesn’t quite fit your eye shape, you can always trim them to fit — something most makeup artists will actually recommend to ensure a proper fit and result. “If you’re going to use a strip lash, either cut it into two or three sections or use a really good glue like Darkness to ensure that the ends don’t pop up,” says Stiles. “It takes a little time to get used to it, like anything else, but the more you do it the easier it becomes.”

“Looking down while applying may seem hard since you want to know where you are putting the lash, but it will give you a flatter surface to apply them,” explains Deenihan. “To get the hard-to-reach corners, I use a pair of tweezers to hold the corners of the lash in place, while the glue allows the band to set.”

Nya möbler

Så du har precis köpt ett nytt hem. Grattis! Ett nytt hem, oavsett om det är ditt första hem eller om du helt enkelt ska flytta någonstans nytt, är en stor och spännande satsning. Och det är också en möjlighet att designa ett hem du älskar, från grunden!

Men du har också precis köpt ett hus – så du kanske inte har massor av pengar att spendera på att fylla hela ditt hem med snygga nya möbler. Även om du inte heller vill vänta med att köpa allt och sluta leva utanför lådorna i månader utan någon plats att sitta på! Lita på oss, det finns en medelväg, och det innebär att göra vissa inköp nu och vänta med andra tills du är mer fast och har tid att spara mer pengar.

Eftersom att köpa möbler kan vara ganska svårt, frågade vi våra designers för att få deras syn på vad man ska investera i direkt, var man kan snåla och vad man ska köpa över tid. Utan vidare, här är vår nya köpguide för hemmöbler!

Möblerna att köpa direkt

Det finns vissa möbler som våra designers rekommenderar att du köper direkt, så du har dem från början i ditt nya hem. Dessa bitar kommer att hjälpa till att göra ditt hem mer bekvämt och ge dig några inredningsidéer som hjälper dig att definiera stilen i utrymmet.


En soffa är en möbel som får stor användning. Som det centrala föremålet i ditt vardagsrum är det en bit som du kan bygga hela ditt rum runt. På grund av det är det ett bra föremål att köpa direkt – och var inte rädd för att betala. En soffa är inte bara en trendig stil; det är en mångsidig möbel och en investering som kommer att hålla i flera år. Så se till att du köper en som du verkligen älskar! Undrar du vilken typ av soffa du ska köpa? Kolla in vår guide om fördelarna med en soffa vs.


Den andra stora möbeln du vill investera i direkt är ett mediaskåp. Det är ett måste att ha en plats för att säkert inrymma din TV och elektronik! Det här är ytterligare en bit som kan hålla i flera år – kanske till och med längre än en soffa, eftersom den inte tål så mycket dagligt slitage. Som en möjlig fokuspunkt i ditt vardagsrum, tänk mycket på stilen på det skåp du väljer – och se till att det är rätt storlek för din TV. Med dess livslängd och stilstatus i ditt vardagsrum, tänk på ett mediaskåp som en investering och var villig att spendera lite extra pengar på det.

Fönsterbeklädnader Om du inte har något emot att dina grannar ser rakt in i ditt hus på natten, se till att köpa fönsterbehandlingar direkt! Det här är en sak du kan köpa billigt direkt och uppgradera senare. Men om du är redo kan du också bara satsa! Om du är redo att köpa en långsiktig lösning, välj draperier och nyanser. Annars kan du alltid bara köpa några Ikea-gardiner eller till och med tejpa upp lite slaktpapper för en omedelbar lösning!

Shoppa denna look

Möblerna att hålla vid inköp Med vilket hem som helst, oavsett budget, finns det några saker du förmodligen vill vänta med att köpa tills du är mer inrättad och har ett bra grepp om stilen och känslan i ditt hem. Här är vad våra designers föreslår att du ska vänta ett tag.


Konst kan skapa eller bryta ett utrymme. Det är därför vi tror mycket på att vänta med att fylla ditt nya hem med konst och ta dig tid att hitta de perfekta delarna för ditt utrymme. Originalkonstverk, eller till och med storskaliga tryck, tenderar att vara dyrare. Men kvalitetskonst är en investering värd att göra, särskilt när den direkt kan stödja konstnären som gjort den! Och det fina med konst är att om du redan har ett föremål i åtanke kan du bygga hela ditt rum runt det. Men du kan också göra tvärtom och hitta konstverk som passar det utrymme du redan har skapat.

Mattor Mattor kan vara knepiga – det är inte bara viktigt att hitta en i färgerna och stilen som passar ditt utrymme bäst, utan du vill också hitta den bästa storleken för ditt utrymme! Med allt detta i åtanke är det bäst att vänta tills du har varit i ditt hem ett tag innan du köper en matta. På så sätt får du en känsla för hur du kommer att använda utrymmet (vilket kommer att påverka materialet och matthögen du väljer) och hjälper dig att avgöra vilken storlek du behöver. Mattor kan vara dyra – så det här kan kännas som en slant oavsett. Men att vänta ger dig också tid att spara ihop till dina drömmatta!

Liten inredning

Vill du ha tips på hur man inreder ett rum? Vi börjar här: Belamra inte ditt nya utrymme med billiga knep och slumpmässig inredning! Köp istället små inredningar med tiden och anta en curators tankesätt. Hitta dekorativa föremål du verkligen älskar och skapa eftertänksamt samlingar på dina hyllor och ytor istället för att bara fylla ditt utrymme med billiga prylar för att fylla ut hyllorna.

Möblerna att köpa billigt och byta ut senare Det finns några saker du behöver direkt för att hålla dig från att leva utan resväskor och lådor och göra ditt hem mer bekvämt. Men det betyder inte att du måste spränga en massa pengar för att fylla ditt utrymme. Nedan täcker vi de möbler som du kan köpa billigt nu och uppgradera senare.

Klädförvaring Klädförvaring är absolut nödvändigt. Men byråer och garderobssystem kan vara ganska dyra! Så använd antingen något du redan har för tillfället, eller köp lite billig klädförvaring direkt. Sedan, med tiden, spara pengar och ge dig själv tid att hitta den perfekta byrån senare! En kvalitetsbyrå är något som kommer att hålla länge, så det är värt att vänta och den eventuella investeringen.

Sidobord Du behöver sidobord som yta för böcker, drinkar, lampor och mer – men att hitta det perfekta paret tar tid. För nu, köp några billiga sidobord som är enkla och praktiska, och satsa sedan på ett set som perfekt förkroppsligar din stil senare!

Bokhyllor Bokhyllor – oavsett om de är i ett vardagsrum, kontor eller barnrum – är viktiga delar för böcker, leksaker, kontorsmaterial och dekorativa föremål. Så du kan behöva en eller två direkt för att hjälpa till med organisationen i hela ditt hem. Så köp en billig bokhylla först och uppgradera sedan till något mer omfattande när du väl har hittat rätt och har budget för det. Detta ger dig också tid att bedöma var du vill placera dina bokhyllor, vilket hjälper dig att avgöra vilken storlek och stil du vill ha!

Best Firestick and Andriod TV Stick In spain

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is so much more than a plug-in device to watch TV, Netflix or Prime on. It can be a powerful tool for connecting your screens and scaling up your digital signage strategy. If you’re not sure what you can do with your Amazon Fire TV Stick, read on.

What is an Amazon Fire TV Stick and what does it do? In 2014 Amazon unveiled the Amazon Fire TV (1st Generation): a set-top box that could turn any TV into a smart TV and provide entertainment by streaming shows and apps directly on your screen. This was a seminal moment, and the beginning of easily getting content up onto a TV screen. In essence, it’s a media player that allows you to connect a TV to the internet.

This quickly evolved into the Amazon Fire TV Stick, a plug-in device rather than a set-top box.Smaller in size and remotely powered, the TV Stick (or “Firestick” to its friends) has similar functionality to its big brother with the ability to stream TV shows and channels – and ScreenCloud digital signage software.

Amazon Fire TV device comparison As ScreenCloud is hardware agnostic, our digital signage software can play on most hardware devices. These devices are run by Amazon’s Fire OS operating system, powered by Android, and to save you reading time, we only recommend the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K for use with ScreenCloud.

To note: the Fire TV Stick (1st generation – 2014) and Fire TV (1st generation – 2014), have both been discontinued and are not supported by ScreenCloud software. You also don’t need an Amazon Prime account to use ScreenCloud, but you do need an Amazon account.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (from $39.99) Release Date: 2018 Best for: 4K Ultra HD streaming + ScreenCloud digital signage software Storage: 8GB

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (powered by Fire OS) is Amazon’s most powerful media streaming plug-in device, taking over from the Amazon Fire TV Gen 2 model. It’s also one of the cheapest options for turning any screen into digital signage – although it comes with no remote device management capabilities.

But the Fire Stick does come with voice control via Alexa Voice Remote (“Alexa, open ScreenCloud”). It also gives you the ability to stream in 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR10+. For customers who are looking for an affordable digital signage hardware solution that’s fast and easy to set up, we recommend the Fire Stick TV 4K.

How to set up the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with ScreenCloud digital signage The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K plugs directly into your screen’s HDMI port (via the HDMI extender if possible for better wifi reception). Connect the Fire Stick to the power adaptor and plug into the wall outlet. Connect the TV Stick to the internet following the instructions on screen. Download and set-up the ScreenCloud player. Amazon Fire TV Cube (from $199.99, released 2019) Release Date: 2019 Best for: Voice control Storage: 16GB

The hands-free (Alexa) Amazon Fire TV Cube is the fastest and most powerful TV streaming device Amazon has. But while it is supported by ScreenCloud, we don’t recommend it as a vehicle for digital signage. It is great for changing channels without having to look for the remote though.

Amazon Fire Stick Lite (from $29.99, released 2020) Release Date: 2020 Best for: Basic streaming Storage: 8GB

The most affordable Firestick, the Fire Stick Lite is just that: a lighter version of the Fire Stick 4K. Although it does have the Alexa Voice Remote, this does not feature TV controls and cannot control the power or volume on your TV, soundbar or receiver. It also doesn’t feature 4K streaming capabilities. Again, ScreenCloud is supported, but we wouldn’t recommend the Fire Stick Lite as a digital signage solution.

Amazon Fire TV Stick (from $39.99, released 2021) Release Date: 2021 Best for: Basic streaming + TV control Storage: 8GB

Let’s save time. The Fire TV Stick is exactly the same as the Lite, except it has 3rd Gen Alexa Voice Remote and can control your TV channels and volume. Which, let’s face it, is much easier than shoving your arm down the back of the sofa for the remote.

Uses for the Amazon Fire TV Stick (other than digital signage) As the Amazon Fire TV Stick essentially turns any screen into a smart screen that connects to the internet you can:

Watch Netflix, or other internet streaming services like Amazon Prime or Hulu Use Alexa Voice Control to control the a TV Search the internet Connect to online games Search YouTube from a TV Share photos to a TV screen Where to buy and how to set up an Amazon Fire TV Stick Is it difficult to buy and set up an Amazon Fire TV Stick? In a nutshell, no. These types of media devices are accessible to anyone with a TV screen and internet connection. Which is why they are so ideal for finding an affordable digital signage solution. And surprisingly, you can also buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick from retailers other than Amazon.

You can buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick from pretty much any hardware store. Here are a few examples of stockists:

From the UK:

Tesco Amazon Currys From the US:

Amazon Best buy Target How to buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick in a location where it’s unavailable If you reside in a country such as Thailand or New Zealand, you may find yourself unable to get Amazon to ship out a Fire TV Box or Stick. We have found a way around this in the past by ordering from B&H link here.

How to setup your Fire TV Stick Before you set up your Amazon Fire TV Stick check you have everything you need including:

A compatible TV – this is any TV that has HD or UHD plus a HDMI port (most TV screens today will have this) A wireless internet connection An Amazon account. You don’t have to be an Amazon Prime customer to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick but you do have to have a regular Amazon account. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can create this on setup. 2 AAA batteries for your TV Stick remote Here are the steps you need to get things setup:

  1. Add power Plug the power adaptor into your TV Stick and plug the other end into a power outlet.

Then ensure your TV Stick is turned “on”.

  1. Attach to your TV’s HDMI port Plug the Fire TV Stick directly into the HDMI port on the back of your TV, or use a HDMI extender if you don’t want it plugged directly into the screen.

  2. Select your channel Turn your TV to the same channel that the TV Stick is plugged into (i.e. HDMI1, HDMI3). You should then see a loading screen with the “Fire TV Stick” logo.

  3. Add a remote Pop a few batteries into your remote. Once you’ve done this it should automatically pair with your stick. If your remote doesn't pair, press and hold the Home Button for up to 10 sections to send it to “discovery mode” so you can complete the pairing process.

Further remote troubleshooting details here.

  1. Connect to the Internet Follow the instructions onscreen to connect your TV Stick to your Wi-Fi network.

  2. Register your device Follow the on-screen instructions to register your Fire TV Stick to your Amazon account.

For setting up your Firestick with ScreenCloud, click here.

How to install the ScreenCloud Player on the Amazon Fire TV Stick The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is one of the most affordable ways to connect multiple screens for an effective digital signage strategy. All it takes is for you to download the ScreenCloud Player app on the Firestick. Instructions can be found here.

If you’re unsure if the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is the right hardware for you, check out our video on how to choose the best low budget digital signage media devices.

Amazon Fire TV Stick FAQS Does the Amazon Fire TV Stick have to be plugged in to work?

You can try to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick with the USB power from your TV alone, but it is unlikely this will be enough. You’re much better off plugging your TV Stick into the mains instead.

Does the Amazon Fire TV Stick have Bluetooth?

Yes, the TV Stick is Bluetooth enabled. Read Amazon’s guide on how to pair a Bluetooth accessory with your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Does the Amazon Fire TV Stick have YouTube?

To use YouTube with the Amazon Fire TV Stick you can download the YouTube app from the Amazon App Store.

Does the Amazon Fire TV Stick need WiFi?

Yes you need WiFi to power the TV Stick. The device does not have an ethernet port so WiFi is the only way to connect your device (and TV) to the internet.

What channels do you get with the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

View this list of channels that can be downloaded through the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

For more details visit our website:

Convert Your TV into a Smart TV

Almost every TV sold these days is a smart TV, which means that it can connect to the internet and stream music and videos from services like Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, and YouTube. But what if you have a perfectly functional old TV and you don’t want to upgrade to a new smart TV right now? Do you have to live with your TV’s “dumb” operating system and be left out of amazing audio and video streaming apps and other modern features? Not really. There are multiple ways in which you can turn your non-smart TV into a smart TV, and without spending a lot of money. But first, let us learn what makes a TV smart.

Devices That Turn Non-Smart TV Into Smart TV Android TV-Based Media Player Or Chromecast Apple TV 4K Amazon’s Fire TV Devices Gaming Console: Xbox Or Sony PlayStation Just Use Your Old PC/Laptop Samsung Smart TV Tizen Apps There are various ways in which you can turn your non-smart TV into a smart TV, and the best way is to buy a smart media player (also known as a streaming device) and hook it up to your TV’s HDMI input. Smart media players come in all shapes and sizes (and smart operating systems). So, it is important that you select a media player that works well with other devices in your home such as your smartphone, smart speaker, tablet, computer, and your smart home products. Because it all depends on how well your devices and your smart TV can interact with each other.

Extended Warranty for Your Device For example, if your family members primarily use an Android smartphone and tablet, you should prefer buying an Android TV-based smart media player. If you are deeply invested in Apple’s ecosystem, you should go with an Apple TV. If you are someone who has a lot of Alexa-compatible smart speakers and smart home devices, you should probably buy a Fire TV device.

Protect Your Mobile Phone with Onsitego's Protection Plans Covers Malfunctions & Breakdowns Mobile Repair or Replacement Guarantee Know More So, you need to check the following things before you select the media player for your existing TV:

Which operating system do your smartphone and tablet use? Which ecosystem do your smart speakers and smart home products use? Do you plan on gaming on your TV? Do you have an existing computer or laptop lying around that you no longer actively use? 1. Android TV-Based Media Player Or Chromecast Google Chromecast 3 Colours If you and your family members mostly use Android smartphones and tablets, the best choice is to go with a Chromecast or an Android TV-based smart media player. And that’s because those devices feature Google Case, which can be easily used to stream your favourite music and videos either locally or video audio and video streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, YouTube, and more. The latest version of Google Chromecast costs ₹3,299, and it can stream music and videos directly via the internet. However, it does not come with a remote controller, so you will have to depend on a smartphone or a tablet. The new Chromecast with Google TV comes with a remote controller, but it isn’t available in India yet.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Then there are Android TV-based devices like the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, Nokia Media Streamer, MarQ by Flipkart Turbostream. Those devices run full-fledged Android TV OS and come with a remote controller, which means you don’t have to rely on a smartphone or a tablet to control the media playback and volume. They also feature native apps for audio and video streaming. And they work perfectly with your Android smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and Google Home-based smart speakers. They also feature Google Assistant, which you can use via the remote controller to get answers to your questions, search for information on the internet, and control smart home products. The Mi Box 4K can even play 4K 60fps HDR10 videos out of the box.

Tata Sky Binge+ Set Top Box 4K HDR If you don’t want to have two devices, one to stream videos and another to watch traditional TV channels, you should look towards Android TV OS-based set-top boxes such as the Airtel Xstream Box, DishTV Smart Hub, and Tata Sky Binge+. Such devices are priced around ₹4,000 and can not only stream live TV channels but also run audio and video streaming apps (also known as OTT apps). One device can do it all.

  1. Apple TV 4K Apple TV 4K If you have a lot of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs, you should buy an Apple TV to turn your non-smart TV into a smart TV. Yes, it is four times as costly as competing media streaming devices running Google’s Android TV OS and Amazon’s Fire TV OS, but they are extremely fast and smooth, offer you higher storage, and can even have the firepower to play some fun games. Plus, you can stream audio and video from your iPhone, iPad, and Macs to the Apple TV via AirPlay 2. You can even mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac via the Apple TV. It also has access to all the audio and video streaming apps.

Extended Warranty for Your Device 3. Amazon’s Fire TV Devices Amazon Fire TV Stick If you use an Android smartphone or tablet, but the rest of your smart home devices are compatible with Alexa, you should prefer the Amazon Fire TV. There are three different Fire TV models in India: Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick Lite, and Fire TV Stick 4K.

If you have a 1080p TV, go with the Fire TV Stick Lite, and if you have a 4K TV, go with the Fire TV Stick 4K. All these devices feature all the popular audio and video streaming apps, including Apple TV+, Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube. They also feature Alexa and a bundled remote controller, which can be used to control compatible smart home products, get answers and information from the web, and find content to watch.

  1. Gaming Console: Xbox Or Sony PlayStation Microsoft Xbox Series X Matte Black With Controller If you already have an Xbox or a PlayStation, you can use that to turn your dumb TV into a smart TV since those gaming consoles have access to apps like Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube. Plus, they have loads of storage space, which means you can store physical audio and video files on the device itself rather than streaming them off the internet. But they have their own set of disadvantages, too. The controllers that come with the Xbox and the Playstation are not easy to use. You have to buy a multimedia remote controller for them for an additional price. Another quirk of these gaming consoles is that they won’t work with your smart home products or take streams from your smartphone or tablet.

  2. Just Use Your Old PC/Laptop White Gaming PC Build You can also use your existing PC or laptop to stream music and movies from your local storage or the internet. Just connect your computer to your TV via an HDMI cable to play music or videos. You can do that via the web browser or by installing audio and video streaming apps. You can even access Alexa and Google Assistant via your computer, which means that you can get answers from the internet via voice commands, control compatible smart home products, and call your friends and family.

What Features Make A TV Smart? To be able to call a TV smart in this day and age, it needs the ability to connect to the internet, seamlessly stream music and videos from the internet, play various kinds of audio, video, and image files, and have access to an AI-powered digital voice assistant. An easy way to turn a dumb TV into a smart TV is to buy an affordable smart streaming device that can plug into your existing TV’s HDMI port and offer the following features:

Internet connectivity via an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi. Have features like smartphone or tablet screen mirroring (also known as screencasting) and DLNA. Preferably, have access to audio and video streaming apps like Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube. Have access to digital voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

So, those are the best ways to convert your existing TV or a monitor into a smart TV. This way, you can save some money by not buying a brand new TV or repurpose old TVs or monitors into smart TVs. You can also use the monitor in your work setup to double up as a device to listen to music or watch movies and TV shows.

For more details visit our website:

Toyota spare parts

Toyota Motor Corporation is a big name in the automotive industry. The Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles (OICA) listed it as the largest manufacturer by the number of vehicles produced in 2017. What's more, in the 2019 Fortune Global 500 list, Toyota ranks as the world’s second-largest automotive company and the tenth-largest company by consolidated revenue.

Founded in 1937, the Japanese company earned its reputation as a market leader in the industry. Toyota has always had high regard for the safety and quality of its automobiles. However, that’s no guarantee that Toyota vehicles would be free of accidents, systems malfunction, and parts failure. If you own a Toyota car, you should anticipate buying replacement Toyota auto parts twice or thrice in your car's lifetime.

When buying Toyota spare parts, various factors play a role in determining which type of spare parts will be best for your car. While some Toyota car owners would prioritise price and affordability, some would choose quality over anything else. Others may want to balance both.

There are different types of spare parts available in the marketplace today, and they can be quite confusing. But fret not. You need not worry about buying cheap parts that won’t last or overspending on quality parts that your car doesn’t require. In this article, you will know about the three most common types of Toyota car parts in the marketplace.

When working with a Toyota vehicle, our team knows that the concept of good enough isn’t acceptable. We only use genuine Toyota parts for each maintenance and repair job we complete. We know that for drivers to achieve the highest quality performance from their Toyota vehicle, they need to use the same parts engineers worked with in conceiving the vehicle from blueprint to factory.

That’s why we only use the exact parts that all Toyota repair teams utilize in completing work on our customers’ vehicles. One of the key considerations in choosing a repair service is lasting quality. When you choose to work with an aftermarket part in a Toyota vehicle, you cannot guarantee that the part will offer the right level of performance. Aftermarket parts have not been through the range of analysis and precision engineering that makes Toyota parts such an asset to the organization.

Your Repair Person Knows the Exact Part For Your Make And Model When you choose Toyota car dealerships in Brockville such as 1000 Islands Toyota, you’re working with a repair professional that knows the exact part required for use with your vehicle. They know the exact part number and the precise process for completing the repair. The Toyota Genuine Parts program takes the guesswork out of completing the repair process. It means you can rest assured that when you pay for your repairs and maintenance, you’re truly getting the right part, designed for your vehicle and crafted to perform according to unrelenting Toyota standards.

Examples of Toyota Genuine Parts So, what do we mean when we say Toyota Genuine Parts? Toyota’s parts are designed based on complex engineering studies, and models formulated over decades of research. One example is our Toyota brakes. The brakes in your Toyota vehicle are designed to optimize all components. The calipers, rotors, brake pads, brake shoes, and drums all work together with precision to provide you with the highest level of safety when you drive a Toyota vehicle. When these parts wear due to everyday use, they can be repaired with precision, using refined Toyota service techniques.

The same is true of the batteries in your Toyota vehicle. The battery offers more than a simple mechanism for starting your vehicle. It connects with many of the vehicle’s components and helps store electricity for the safety system. Toyota batteries are tested in grueling conditions around the world, from the lowest temperatures to the highest. Choosing a Toyota battery means knowing you can rely on the system when you need it most. Third-party batteries simply cannot provide this level of performance over the long-term.

Why choose Toyota Genuine Parts from 1000 Islands Toyota? Our team at 1000 Islands Toyota is committed to providing the very best services through the Toyota brand. We understand the challenges that vehicle owners face and we’re here to work with you in managing your vehicle service and maintenance needs for the years ahead. Our clients choose 1000 Islands Toyota for:

Price-matching When you turn to 1000 Islands Toyota for your tires, you’ll benefit from our price match promise. We’ll guarantee you the best price on each of the major tire brands, including BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Firestone and more. You’ll save money at one of the best Brockville car dealerships and drive safer on the best tires within the marketplace.

Free service loaners All 1000 Islands Toyota customers who bought their vehicle with us have access to free service loaner vehicles. This means you don’t have to wait for your ride to arrive to take you home and rely on others for errands while your vehicle is in the shop. We provide you with a loan vehicle completely free while you wait for your car to be serviced.

On-hand service technicians Our Toyota service technicians are on-hand throughout the day to provide you with guidance about your repair and maintenance needs. You can call during our office hours throughout the week or simply fill out our online service form to ask our team a question. It’s a commitment to customer service that helps 1000 Islands Toyota stand out across the marketplace.

Toyota Touch Detailing The Toyota Touch Detailing service is our way of ensuring your Toyota vehicle remains in peak condition throughout the year. We offer several levels of detailing service to help support you in protecting your vehicle’s condition. Whether it’s vacuuming the interior or power washing the wheels, our detailing services help you to get the most from your investment in a Toyota car.

Special offers throughout the year We also provide Toyota drivers with a full range of special offer pricing on services throughout the year. You can turn to us for low-cost repair and service options that safeguard your vehicle and keep it looking great over the coming months. Keep checking back with our website to discover more about our latest special offers and discounts.

Let Our Toyota Team Help! Our team embodies the Toyota commitment to service excellence using quality parts and the latest data regarding vehicle performance. Whether you have a question about your vehicle or wish to learn more about the latest models, call our offices now to speak with a qualified Toyota representative.

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Dot physical near me

If you want to drive large commercial vehicles for a living you’ll need a CDL (commercial driver’s license) and a valid DOT medical card. This card can only be obtained once you have successfully passed a DOT physical, which you’ll need to have again every 1-2 years for the duration of your career.

Finally, A Better Way to Manage DOT Physicals While the process of getting your DOT physical and medical card is straightforward, many people feel confused about the requirements they have to meet to pass. Below, we’ll talk you through each aspect of the physical, what standard you need to meet to pass, and link to further resources where you can find out more about the requirements for each element of the DOT medical exam.

What is a DOT Physical? The DOT (Department of Transportation) physical is a medical examination you must undergo before being permitted to drive commercial vehicles for a living. This physical ensures you are fit enough to meet the demands of your job and can operate large vehicles or vehicles with passengers without putting yourself or anyone else at risk.

Do I Need a DOT Physical? You are required to have a DOT physical if:

You transport hazardous materials You operate a vehicle that carries more than 15 people You are paid to operate a vehicle that carries more than 8 people You operate a vehicle with a gross combined weight of more than 10,000lbs What does the Physical Consist of? The DOT exam will look at your:

Health history Vision Hearing Blood pressure As well as a range of other health indicators that can indicate that there is a problem that may put you at risk while operating a commercial vehicle. The DOT medical exam includes a urinalysis.

How do I Prepare for a DOT Physical? If you’re fit and in good health, there’s very little you need to do to prepare. The DOT exam is simply a check-up by a doctor to ensure you are fit enough to operate such a large vehicle.

If you’re overweight, are recovering from a bigger health issue, or are having a serious health issue managed by a doctor, you may want to make additional preparations. Whether or not you need to make any changes before your CDL DOT physical or bring anything with you will depend on your circumstances and current level of health.

If you are currently managing any health issues, make sure your prescriptions and medications are up to date, you’ve recently had a vision test and have the right corrective eyewear, and the same for your hearing if you suffer from hearing loss.

It’s good practice for anyone getting ready for their DOT Physical to cut back on processed foods, alcohol, and smoking to ensure they’re in good health at the time of their physical.

What do I Need to Bring? You need to bring:

Your medical records, if your exam is being carried out by a new doctor Medical records from any specialists you see, such as a sleep apnea specialist Your most recent laboratory reports if you have diabetes or a similar condition Your glasses, contact lenses, or hearing aids if you require them to drive A list of any prescription medication you take, including what dose you take and when You may also want to bring the DOT Physical medical examination report form with you so you can fill it out ahead of time at home. You can find that form here and in the forms section at the end of this article.

What are the DOT Physical Requirements? Vision Requirements To pass the vision test, you need to have 20/40 vision in each eye either with or without glasses, a field of vision of 70 degrees or more in each eye, and be able to differentiate between red, green, and amber. If you do not meet these standards but meet all other standards of the DOT Physical, you may be able to apply for exemption. To find out more about the DOT Physical eye exam, see our guide here.

Hearing Requirements To pass your hearing test, you must be able to hear a harsh whisper in your best ear, at no less than 5 feet, with or without a hearing aid. If you fail this basic hearing test, you’ll be referred for an audiometry test which will further determine if you are safe to drive. In most cases, you’ll be able to get a hearing correction device and then pass your DOT Physical. If you need a hearing aid, you must wear it at all times while driving. You’ll only fail the hearing test if you are completely deaf and cannot pass the whisper test even with hearing aids.

Blood Pressure Requirements High blood pressure is an extremely common health problem, and the DOT medical exam uses it as a key health indicator. If your blood pressure is 140/90 or below, you’ll pass the DOT physical blood pressure requirements with flying colors. Between 140/90 and 179/109, you may need to have a medical exam more frequently or be given a temporary medical card and be asked to reduce your blood pressure within a 3-month period. For more information, see our dedicated guide here.

What Medical Conditions Affect Your Ability to Pass the DOT Physical? There are a handful of health issues that are DOT Physical disqualifying conditions, meaning that if they are out of control or too severe for you to operate a large commercial vehicle safely, you will not be able to pass the DOT Physical.

These conditions are:

Diabetes Hernias High BMI (Obesity) Sleep Apnea Find out more about how to pass the DOT Physical with a medical condition here, or click the links above to learn more about the individual conditions and their physical requirements.

What do They do in a DOT Physical? Your medical examiner will first talk through your medical history with you and any ongoing treatment you have. They’ll then take your height and weight, so they can calculate your BMI, and check your blood pressure, vision, and hearing.

They’ll do a general assessment of your physical health, looking at your skin, reflexes, and will check for hernias.

You’ll also submit a urine sample that will be analyzed to calculate your blood sugar levels and a few other health markers.

In most cases, the DOT exam will end there and you’ll get your medical certificate. However, if your medical examiner found something they believe warrants further testing, or if the requirements of the physical demand it, you may be referred on for another test before you can get your certificate.

How Much Does the Physical Cost? The DOT Physical price varies depending on where you get it, and if you are fronting the cost, or if the company you work for will cover part or all of the cost. Generally, the physical costs $85 – $150.

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Can I Get a Free DOT Physical? Many companies pay for their drivers’ DOT Physicals, so if you’re about to move to a new company, ask them if they will cover the costs of your medical exam.

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Do DOT Physicals Include a Drug Test? The DOT Physical does not specifically test for drugs. The urine sample you give as a part of your DOT Physical checks your blood sugar levels. Some employers will require you to submit a urine sample for a DOT drug test, but the DOT Physical itself will not look for legal or illegal substances. For more information on how your drug and medication use will affect your ability to pass the DOT Physical, click here.

What Will Make You Fail a DOT Physical? If you have extremely high blood pressure, high blood sugar, an untreated hernia, uncorrected vision or hearing, you may fail the DOT Physical.

What Happens if You Fail the DOT Physical? Failing your medical exam is never good news, but it’s also rarely the end of your driving career. In most cases, failing your physical simply means you need to make some lifestyle changes and improve your health so you can safely get back on the open road. Remember that the DOT Physical isn’t trying to catch you out – it looks at your overall wellbeing and considers if you may have a major health episode in the near future that would jeopardize the safety of yourself and others. If you fail a DOT Physical, work with your doctor to get your health back on track so you can get back on the road. For more information on what happens if you fail a DOT Physical, click here.

All supplements gold coast

Gold Coast Health (GCH) is leading by example by increasing accessibility and availability of high nutritional value to staff and visitors at all of our facilities. We have developed a Healthier Food and Drinks Guideline to create an environment that supports patients, staff and visitors in making choices that promote their health and wellbeing.

The Guideline outlines GCH efforts to deliver the Healthier Food and Drinks in Healthcare Facilities Health Service Directive (HSD), effective 1 July 2020, which directs Hospital and Health Services to ensure that healthier food and drinks are sold, provided, promoted and advertised at healthcare facilities. This will establish GCH as a place where staff and visitors are supported to make choices that promote health and wellbeing.

The HSD and is based on 4 principles: 1. Leadership – healthcare providers have a responsibility to lead the way in modelling environments that support healthier choices. 2. Quality – to support the delivery of health services that promote health and wellbeing. 3. Consistency – in the sale, provision, promotion and advertising of healthier food and drinks for staff and visitors across Hospital and Health Services. 4. Alignment – with the Australian Dietary Guidelines, that recommend consumption of food and drink from the five food groups; drink plenty of water, and limit intake of food and drinks containing added sugars, fats (including saturated fat), salt and/or alcohol.

The HSD is supported by the A Better Choice strategy, which is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines and applies a traffic light system to classify food and drinks as:

GREEN: Best nutritional value – choose mostly AMBER: Some nutritional value – choose carefully RED: Limited or no nutritional value – choose rarely

Gold Coast Health will focus on improving the range, availability and accessibility of healthier food and drinks, along with the promotion of healthier choices within the GCH food environment; vending machines, retail outlets, catering and fundraising activities.

Gold Coast Health: Healthier Food and Drinks Guideline (guideline) provides the information and tools to assist with the local implementation of the Health Service Directive.

The consumption of foods high in saturated fat and refined sugar is known to be associated with longterm outcomes such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers, obesity and also has short term impacts on body functions. The pathway to obesity is complex—a combination of food (energy in), physical activity (energy out), genetics and environment1 . In 2018 approximately 91,000 adults and 6,400 children on the Gold Coast were reported to be experiencing obesity2.

Cognitive functions such as memory, attention, speed and flexibility have all been found to be impaired by high saturated fat intake3 . Additionally, evidence shows that even a short-term uptake of a diet high in both saturated fat and added sugar has an impact on the hippocampus, and in turn, memory, learning and ingestive control4 . Over the past 30 years, changes to the environment in which we live, work and play have made it easier to consume excess energy compared to our needs. For example, readily available, cheap, energy-dense and nutrient-poor foods and drinks in combination with work and leisure activities that are mainly sedentary have been driving increases in obesity in Queensland and Australia1. A supportive healthy food environment makes healthy food choices the easy choices and is characterised by the wide availability and promotion of healthy foods, beverages and meals that are also affordably priced.5. The HSD sets the following mandatory requirements:

For all Facilities selling or providing food and drinks • Free drinking water is readily available, promoted and accessible, and water is promoted as the drink of choice. For all Retail Outlets • Hospital and Health Services shall ensure compliance with the A Better Choice Food Classification Guide and the A Better Choice Drinks Classification Guide as follows: o No more than 20% of the total proportion of food displayed or provided is unhealthy, classified as RED. o There is no sale or provision of unhealthy drinks, classified as RED. o Alcoholic drinks are restricted in supply, or not supplied at all. o Artificially sweetened drinks, classified as AMBER, must be no more than 20% of the total proportion of drinks displayed or provided. o Only healthy food and drinks, classified as GREEN, can be promoted and advertised. o At least 50% of the proportion of drinks displayed or provided are healthy, classified as GREEN. o For vending machines, at least 30% of the proportion of foods displayed or provided are healthy, classified as GREEN by 1 July 2020. o For all other retail outlets (excluding vending machines), at least 30% of the proportion of foods displayed or provided are healthy, classified as GREEN by 1 July 2020, increasing to 50% by 1 July 2021.

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