Its tremendous useful for automating the technique of displaying love to players who play in your server too much. The method to play a minecraft prison server is extremely simple! This server is sort of active and has a big fan base. The base command for the plugin is /pv as previously said and as an admin that provides you with entry to every little thing you need. For the ranks side of the plugin you can use the command /ranks to take a look at the ranks commands and /ranks create (name) (cost) (ladder) (tag) This lets you utilize the Prison plugin for the aim of ranking up through the totally different prison ranks as an alternative of needing a separate plugin to do it. The /dailyrewards command is for admins, it permits you to reload the plugin and reset players rewards. Your base commands are /token or /tokens and the admin command is /tm or /tokenmanager which displays the admin assist page. Just a few of the helpful commands are /blocks and /blocks assist In the second hyperlink below you may see an example config.yml file that has world rewards and specific player rewards as nicely. The base command per the usual is /plot help and it will help you access all of the opposite commands, in addition all plugin commands are linked within the second link below.