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What is the Fediverse and why does it matter?

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It is a common name for related social networks running on free open source software on a huge number of servers around the world. Historically, this term has only included micro-blogging platforms that support a set of protocols called OStatus. This did not correspond to the large number of projects that were mixed, shared the same values, and quite popular.

Where Mastodon messages are limited to 500 characters, Diaspora Social Network offers much longer messages that can be shared publicly, in certain social circles chosen by the user, or tagged according to the topic. Although the Diaspora is very concerned about the turn of events, it is powerless to take any action, as control over any of the Diaspora servers (or “under”) belongs to the administrator of that server, who can be anyone.

The new guardians of democracy?

None of the federative services are likely to cause much excitement in Silicon Valley boardrooms, but their collective potential may become greater than the sum of their parts, encouraging interaction between services, which is really exciting, and this is a prospect that is very possible (and indeed already happening) thanks to standard protocols common to federative services.

Probably the leading role in this respect belongs to ActivityPub, a standard published in January this year as an official World Wide Web Consortium Recommendation. Since it speaks the same language as Mastodon, a Mastodon user can follow a PeerTube user.

He correctly notes that Facebook and Twitter also contain hate speech and threats of violence. Mastodon is organized in Fediverse, which means that users in one case can follow and interact with users from another.

This helps Mastodon feel like a single community, but by default, it can make users from one instance vulnerable to trolls from another. Mastodon is a “federated” social network that works like Twitter. It transfers control over data into the user's hands, not into a single corporation. Mastodon us...

Mastodon is a “federative” social network that works like Twitter. However, platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have also faced a lot of contradictions, and without going into details, I want to highlight only one of them in this video: centralization. So, if you subscribe to one instance, you can still interact with users on the other.

Any platform or application that implements ActivityPub becomes part of a huge social network. In general, Mastodon needs to find ways to reduce social friction.

Keep an eye on your friends and discover new ones among more than 4.4 million people. The thousands of independent communities running Mastodon form a single network where, although each planet is different, being part of one is part of the whole. Using a set of standard protocols, Mastodon servers can share information with each other, allowing users to interact seamlessly.


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Ever given a thought of getting an app that allows voice and video calls using the Internet and quick free vpn. It can be in-residence or globally used, depending on enterprise needs. You have to be having ideas! Can you jot a few?

No issues even if you may’t. But before we get our fingers dirty, Can you call any similar technology available within the market? Yes, you guessed it right; it's far referred to as Skype.

What Is Skype?

Skype, a VOIP service, is a hybrid immediately messaging and voice chat application that lets in users to connect globally the usage of the Internet. With over 663 million users, Skype is one in every of the maximum popular communications platforms inside the world. Skype brings several full-size advantages to both non-public and commercial enterprise communication, relying on how it's miles utilized.

Perhaps maximum importantly, Skype is free, which means you can take a look at it yourself without investing.

Technology Stack Involved In Developing App Like Skype

Here is the comprehensive listing of technology Matellio uses for development Android

  1. Android Java, Android studio, Rest APIs

  2. Third-birthday celebration integration: PubNub SDK, Pusher, AppLogic (for chatting)


  1. Swift, Xcode

  2. Third-birthday celebration integration: PubNub SDK, Pusher, AppLogic (for chatting)

Desktop Application

  1. Socket IO (for chatting)

  2. React & NodeJs

Basic Features Of App Like Skype

Additional Features of App Like Skype

Cosmic radiation

1. Share Your Work

Skype offers several approaches to percentage with your contacts. If you aren’t into sharing, you may block all document transfers.

  1. Share your computer screen with anybody you are speakme to.

  2. Send one file or multiple documents to an man or woman or a group.

  3. Drag and drop files.

  4. Drag and drop files to a chat session to switch them to the humans you're chatting with.

  5. Accept documents from a person.

  6. Group display screen sharing.

2. Call Recording & Live Subtitles

Record Skype calls to capture special moments, word key decisions, and use stay subtitles to study the words which are spoken.

3. Edit Sent Messages

Typos are irritating, but it’s now not a problem if you use Skype. To edit a message, right-click it and pick “Edit Message” from the drop-down menu.This will convey the sent message all the way down to the text box. Make your changes, and send it again. Your message will then replicate your edits. To dispose of the message altogether, right-click on the message and select “Remove message” from the drop-down menu.

4. Give Nicknames

You could favor to receive calls from human beings with their real names, or you could get calls from “Slavedriver Extraordinaire” or “That Idiot Who Owes Me $50.” Renaming the people you call may not be excellent practice in case you use Skype for work, but it’s nonetheless hilarious. To rename people to your contact listing, right-click on on their name, and pick out Rename. You’re limited to 120 characters, which is plenty, but points to you if you manipulate to use them all.

5. Skype To Go

With Skype To Go, you can use your cellular telephone or landline to make and receive low-fee worldwide calls in regions where there may be no net connection available.

6. Voice Mail

With voicemail, you document a personal greeting on your voice, concentrate to voicemails that people send you and ship voice messages.

7. Video Messages

Video is in vogue, so in preference to sending a boring text message to your Skype contacts, try sending them a video message instead. To do so, right-click on on the character you need to ship a message to, and pick “Video Message.” A new window will pop open, and you’ll have the ability to document something you need from your webcam.

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Mesut MADEN Blog

Dünyayı etkisine alan ırkçılık karşıtı hareketlere bir yenisi daha ekleniyor. Dünyanın önde gelen oyun firmalarından olan Rockstar Games, GTA 5 online sunucuları için duyuru yaptı. Duyuruda sunucuların kapatılacağı bildirildi.

GTA 5 Online sunucuları bir süre kapanacak En çok oynanan oyunlardan biri olan GTA 5, ABD’de siyahi vatandaş George Floyd’un öldürülmesini protesto etmek amacıyla sunucularını kapatma kararı aldı. Oyunun ana karakteri Franklin’in de bir siyahi vatandaş olduğu biliniyor. Bu nedenle oyunun bu adımı atması ve ırkçılığa karşı destek vermesi normal karşılandı.

Rockstar Games, GTA 5 online sunucuları hakkında Twitter hesabı üzerinden yaptığı paylaşımda, “Siyah hayat önemlidir” sloganına destek vererek George Floyd’un anısına, bugün (4 Haziran 2020) 21.00 (TSİ) ile 23.00 (TSİ) arasında GTA Online ve Red Dead Online sunucularının kapanacağını bildirdi.

Açıklamanın devamında, bu harekete destek beklendiği söylendi. Yaşanan ırkçılık olaylarının Amerikan toplumuna zarar verildiği belirtildi.

ABD’de yaşanan olayların etkisi çığ gibi büyüyor. Teknoloji firmaları dahil birçok firma, kuruluş, kişi ve organizasyon ırkçılık karşıtı harekete destek veriyor.

Devamını oku...

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Once taken into consideration inappropriate for study room use, Twitter and other social media are becoming commonplace in schools across the nation. Teachers can use Twitter to engage college students on lessons and assignments, and mother and father can view classroom debts to see what's being taught. Parents can follow trainer accounts to stay related. Shannon McClintock-Miller, the district teacher librarian at Van Meter Community School in Iowa, is a extraordinary instance of the way Twitter can help connect mother and father, educators, and students.


Unlike the microblogging site Twitter, which is restricted to 140 characters, Facebook lets customers post content, including photographs and video, with out duration restrictions.

Some teachers have college students create a lecture room Facebook page to talk about and maintain up with assignments and projects, while a few districts have a page to share information and updates related to the school. John Skretta, Ph.D., is the superintendent of the Norris School District in Firth, Neb., and explains how Facebook may be an integral part of the faculty district for educators, administrators, and dad and mom alike.


Did you understand that more than 80,000 teachers worldwide use Skype in the lecture room? One of the marvels of modern-day generation is the capacity to talk and random chat video immediately with a person halfway around the globe. The unfastened audio/visual messaging carrier Skype is already carried out in language courses, and can be utilized in lieu of a telephone for the busy or traveling parent wishing to talk with their child’s trainer.

Cosmic radiation


No, it’s now not a 70’s punk band. BuzzMob is a new cellular app that brings mother and father, educators, and directors together. How does it work? The app syncs with your cutting-edge place and connects you with the human beings around you in a real-time, live community. By becoming a member of GPS-defined “Rings” in the cellphone app, “BuzzMobbers” inside the equal place can connect right away and talk, change ideas, and proportion multimedia.


Looking for a secure and secure manner for instructors, mother and father, and college students to talk? Remind (formerly Remind101) gives a unique manner to keep college students and parents linked with textual content messages approximately teachers and school activities. For greater on how this app works, watch this quick informational video clip.

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word durian?

If you are a local Malaysian, the taste sure comes to your mind when you hear about durian. We want to share the opinion from outsiders regarding its stinky reputation or surprising taste experience from their description.

“Same as vomit-flavored custard.”

“Smell like rotten eggs.”

“Taste like garlic ice cream.”

“Smell like the combination of onion and meat.”

Do all the comments crush your imagination of their expression? I believe the strong position of durian in your rank of food will not be dropped after years of supply in Malaysia.

Has Durian Delivery made your life better?

They always overcharged you with the low quality of durian or even low quantity of durian by adjusting their scales. You are in the middle of choosing the best durian ever and still, your expectations didn’t always meet by them as they lied to you about the durian variety until you found it after many years from an article on how to differentiate the durian species. You demand the fresh durian but they always fool you by cutting out the stem. Some of the merchants even mimic the effect of ripened durian by immersed the durian in liquid chemical substances.

Due to the trick and issue we found amongst the local stall and durian merchant, we want to do durian delivery as we deal it all from choosing, filtering till peeling, and delivering it to your house with a reasonable price in the market.

We, as durian delivery provider, would not want to allow this issue to happen to our customer as what we provide is the peeled durian flesh upfront for the customer. Our customer could detect the quality of durian through the color and size of the delivered durian flesh. We provide a customer service platform where the customer could submit any claims and complaints regarding the durian that delivered to them. So far, we received less issues from customer and 98% of them were satisfied with our express durian delivery and premium durian quality.

When do you usually eat durian?

Share with us what is the best time for you to enjoy durian. Some of us prefer to take it as after-meal dessert while others might able to consume 3 to 4 seed as their whole durian meal for lunch or dinner. Regardless of the moment you hope to enjoy durian, Tip Top Durian, durian delivery is here for you from 10 am to 9 pm. You may set the delivery time if you want to make sure you have the fresh durian after done all the busy tasks as a premise. We assume you expect the next day delivery if you place an order at 9 pm.

What is your favorite durian memory?

We love to engage with durian lovers if you are one of them. Do not hesitate to share out your best durian experience with us, such as when was the first time you taste durian and how was your feeling when you smell at first. All this sharing would be the chance for us to create a more appealing durian experience for you guys! As you know, our creative would not stop at just durian delivery but other memorable durian related activities or event for you to explore!

Would you rather visit orchard with a group, solo travel, or meet other visitors along the way?

We have the vast orchard in Bentong as durian plantation and here is the place for our durian source. We love to take the orchard visitation in the consideration as part of our Tip Top Durian project or campaign. Would you want to go as a group, or yourself only with along the advisor or visit the orchard with just your family members ? Kindly tell us what’s your pick and we could plan regarding the survey from this blog.

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This was my first question when I joined to MoodleNet team. Now, after studying it deeply for a few weeks, I feel able to give a proper answer. So I thought of writing a blog post, with my goal being to offer a nice introduction to ActivityPub for technical people. If you’re interested in my more general impressions on the fediverse and our approach to building a federated app, I recommend you to read my previous blog post about our goals.


ActivityPub is a protocol for decentralized social networks, which can also be extended to create all kinds of federated apps. So if you are thinking of building one it is very interesting to know how this standard works. It is important to notice it has two different parts:

Client to Server API Server to Server API A service can decide if it wants to implement only one or both of them. This decision just depends on the needs of the project. If you’re a frontend developer, you might use the Client to Server API. You will be focused on the Server to Server API when you only care about the federation part though.

ActivityStreams 2.0

The ActivityPub message format is JSON-LD, which can be used just like regular JSON and we’ll do this for this blog post. The vocabulary used in this protocol is defined by ActivityStreams 2.0 and ActivityPub just adds a couple of requirements more on top of it. In this vocabulary only exists two kind of entities: Link and Object. Here we will focus on Object and its subtypes. An Object has several fields and only two of them are required by ActivityPub: id and type. The most important properties are:

type: which defines the type of object. It can be a string or an array if the object implements more than a type. This is mandatory in ActivityPub. id: a unique identifier for the object. For ActivityPub this field should be a URL. The interesting part is that you can retrieve the full object information making a GET request to this URL with the ActivityStreams accept header. This allows us to send just the id instead the full object information in many cases. content: The content or textual representation of the Object, usually an HTML string. name: A simple, human-readable, plain-text name for the object. summary: A natural language summary of the object encoded as HTML. image: A link to an image that represents an object. @context: This is the only necessary property to accomplish with JSON-LD specification. In our examples we just set to “". Natural Language Values So any object can have those fields. It is interesting that any field likely to be translated, like content, name or summary, can be renamed to a “map variant” to include different languages, ie:

  "@context": "",
  "type": "Note",
  "id": "",
  "content": "This is a translated note"

  "@context": "",
  "type": "Note",
  "id": "",
  "contentMap": {
     "es": "Esto es una nota traducida",
     "en": "This is a translated note"

“Data Container” Objects You may have noticed that the type of the previous object is “Note” instead of “Object”. A Note is a subtype of object defined by ActivityStreams too, and it is used to represent any short written work. A subtype means that share the same fields, but it may define more if needed.

There are some more defined types like Article, Image, Page, Document, Video, and more. While it may feel strange to not see something like comment or similar, ActivityStreams is very generic and we have to keep this in mind. The recommendation is to use Note because it “Represents a short written work”. Those objects may be considerated “data container” objects. They don’t define more fields and they are used to transmit information.

Activity In addition to those “data container” objects, ActivityStream defines Activity objects. The type of those objects may be more intuitive:

Create Delete Update Add Remove Join Follow etc They are the type of actions that you can expect from a social network. Special attention should be paid to the Announce activity, as it used to call attention to particular objects or notifications. It can be understood like a “retweet” on Twitter, or a simple way to share an already created object in your social network.

Activities may have 6 additional properties compared to a simple object:

object actor target origin result instrument Of course, not all of them make sense in every type of activities, so they are optional. So imagine you want to represent that Luke created the previous note, you can write:

  "@context": "",
  "type": "Create",
  "id": "",
  "actor": "",
  "object": ""

Here, you only used actor and object. The more common ones. You don’t need to use the rest of them if they do not make sense in your activity.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the ids of the objects will not always appear, and the complete specification of them may appear instead. The previous example could be written in the following way, both being completely valid:

  "@context": "",
  "type": "Create",
  "id": "",
  "actor": {
     "type": "Person",
     "id": "",
     "name": "Luke"
  "object": {
    "type": "Note",
    "id": "",
    "contentMap": {
       "es": "Esto es una nota traducida",
     "en": "This is a translated note"

Actor If you take a close look at the previous example you will see that Luke is a Person, this is a type of Object we haven’t yet mentioned. Person is one of the 5 types of actors that ActivityStreams defines:

Person Group Organization Application Service Actors are objects that may execute the different activities, this means they can be used as the actor field on an Activity. An actor has two mandatory properties as well:

inbox outbox The previous two properties are mandatory for any actor. The following properties are not but they are recommended to be implemented:

following follower liked Collection All these five properties are from a core type we haven’t talked about yet: Collections. As you’d expect, a Collection is simply a group of objects. They also have additional properties, ie: totalItems with the number of elements in the Collection or items where you’ll find the objects in the collection.

So this means that the inbox of an actor is just a Collection containing all the activities received by the actor. The outbox contains all the activities sent by the actor. Any time an actor likes an object, this is added to their liked collection.

Obviously, after a while, those collections cannot be managed with just an array. It will be impractical to manage all the followers of a popular person in a simple array. For this reason, we have the last core type of ActivityStreams: the CollectionPage which should be used to paginate a full Collection.

Core types So those are the 5 core object types that ActivityStreams defines:

Object Actor Activity Collection CollectionPage All of them are also an Object, so they share most of the fields. Once you understand this vocabulary it becomes easier to work with the ActivityPub protocol.

Targeting A big difference from working with other private social networks is the “Audience Targeting”. All objects can use 5 optional fields for this:

to bto cc bcc audience